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jhudson is the user account of Jason Hudson on the Central Intelligence Agency Data system which is accessible from the computer terminal in the interrogation room depicted in the main menu of Call of Duty: Black Ops. The jhudson account uses a non-secure password BRYANT1950.


Typing the command MAIL opens Hudson's mail account, which contains 18 messages. A series of number code fragments labeled ECHELON begin in message 5 from John Trent. Grigori Weaver also sent a number of messages with ECHELON number codes. Some messages contain encrypted text which can be decoded using the DECODE command and typing the encoded message.

ID From Date Subject
0 D. King Thursday, October 10, 1963 Next Assignment
1 Dr. Adrienne Smith Friday, October 11, 1963 Mason Profile
2 Ryan Jackson Friday, October 11, 1963 Requested Operational Research
3 John Trent Tuesday, November 19, 1963 Everything You Know is Wrong
4 John Trent Thursday, November 21, 1963 Now You Understand
5 John Trent Monday, November 25, 1963 A Single Step
6 Alex Mason Thursday, September 16, 1965 No Subject
7 Grigori Weaver Monday, September 11, 1967 Fragments
8 Grigori Weaver Monday, September 25, 1967 New Fragment
9 Grigori Weaver Monday, September 25, 1967 Confidential
10 Grigori Weaver Friday, October 27, 1967 Hot Tamale
11 John Trent Tuesday, February 27, 1968 You Have Done Well
12 Greg Weaver Monday, July 1, 1968 Mason's Health - Keep An Eye on Mason
13 Ryan Jackson Monday, August 12, 1968 Cupcakes
14 Richard Kain Wednesday, January 3, 1968 No Subject
15 D. King Thursday, January 18, 1968 Pack Your Bags
16 Terrance Brooks Monday, February 10, 1968 Ship Out
17 Ryan Jackson Wednesday, February 20, 1968 MKSEARCH
18 Greg Weaver Friday, February 22, 1968 Mason

Next AssignmentEdit

From: King, D.
To: Hudson, Jason
Date/Time: Thursday, October 10, 1963
Subject: Next Assignment

Your next assignment has come down the pipeline. You're handling an agent by the name of Alex Mason. His full record is being compiled and forwarded to you for study. You might have heard of him. The former Op-40 who escaped from Vorkuta, hand-picked by Lancer himself. We've all heard the rumors and I'll understand any trepidation you might have, but this is coming down from on high and frankly, it's a career maker and right up your alley. Knock this one out of the park.


Mason ProfileEdit

From: Dr. Smith, Adrienne
To: Hudson, Jason
Date/Time: Friday, October 11, 1963
Subject: Mason Profile
Dear Mr. Hudson

On orders from the DDCIA/SAD, I have forwarded to you my psychological assessment of your operative, Alex Mason. Despite my recommendations, Agent Mason has been cleared for field duty.

If you have any direct questions regarding the profile, I am available to meet today any time after 5pm.

Thank you.

Doctor Adrienne Smith M.D.

Staff Psychiatrist

Requested Operational ResearchEdit

From: Jackson, Ryan
To: Hudson, Jason
Date/Time: Friday, October 11, 1963
Subject: Requested Operational Research
Agent Hudson,

I sent a runner with the research package you requested, Everything you need to know about Dragovich, Kravchenko, Steiner and GK. It should be enough to get your operation underway.

If you need anything further, please don't hesitate to let me know.


Ryan Jackson

Chief Analyst, APLAA

Everything You Know is WrongEdit

From: Trent, John
To: Hudson, Jason
Date/Time: Tuesday, November 19, 1963
Subject: Everything You Know is Wrong
You don't know me, but I know Alex Mason. You will learn to trust me. Everything changes on Friday.

Now You UnderstandEdit

From: Trent, John
To: Hudson, Jason
Date/Time: Thursday, November 21, 1963
Subject: Now You Understand
It was by the hand of Nikita Dragovich. This is just the beginning. They are everywhere.

Start at Vorkuta. Two escaped the breakout. You know one of them. The other one just died.

A Single StepEdit

From: Trent, John
To: Hudson, Jason
Date/Time: Monday, November 25, 1963
Subject: A Single Step
Echelon 5 21 0 8 18 15 14 7 21 16 23 9 14 23 0 6 18 4

Her name is Evelyn Cross. The photo is for your eyes only. This will be my last letter for quite some time. When the time comes, you will know what to do.

No SubjectEdit

From: Mason, Alex
To: Hudson, Jason
Date/Time: Thursday, September 16, 1965
Subject: No Subject

I want to know what's going on. No one's doing anything. Dragovich is still out there and he needs to be stopped. You've got the DDCI's ear. Find out what's going on and why we haven't been let loose to find this psycho. He's a mad dog and he needs to be put down. If the big-wigs don't get this going, I swear, I'm going out there to find him myself. I don't care about the cost or consequences, it's going to get done. And I'm going to do it.



From: Weaver, Grigori
To: Hudson, Jason
Date/Time: Monday, September 11, 1967
Subject: Fragments
Harris confirms that the Pentagon has been compromised. He's procured transmission fragments, don't ask how. Here they are.

Echelon 2 1 12 24 4 8 20 1 5 2 18 16 6 21 14 21 19 21 9 1

Echelon 9 8 11 17 1 17 7 18 24 1 0 19 18 5 1 11 15

Echelon 8 8 18 16 19 24 25 21 17 21 14 17 15 15 22 11 8 18 5 5 12



Other than that, we're stumped. You got anyone who can take a look today?


The encrypted message above can be decoded to:

We think Echelon means information.

We are sure Ascension means command.

New FragmentEdit

From: Weaver, Grigori
To: Hudson, Jason
Date/Time: Monday, September 25, 1967
Subject: New Fragment
This one was broadcast to Ground Zero. It has to be the trigger

Ascension 7 15 1 2 19 7 25 6 13 6 7 15 14 0 11 24 11 1 7 19 20 10 14 2 3 19 0 8 11 22 21 5 17 17 0 10 2 23 1 8 11 25 22 9 4 12 9 23 1 12 0 12 16 6 12 8 4 1 6 2 10 2 1 24 18 10 15 9 13 18 14 11 11 2 14 23 3 17 24 17 21 2 15 4 5 7 13 4 24 1 9 23 17 10 2 10 23 24 14 5 25



From: Weaver, Grigori
To: Hudson, Jason
Date/Time: Monday, September 25, 1967
Subject: Confidential




The encrypted message above is also decoded to:

We think Echelon means information.

We are sure Ascension means command.

As well as saying:

We have confirmed he met with

Evelyn Cross in Berlin

The day of the speech

Hot TamaleEdit

From: Weaver, Grigori
To: Hudson, Jason
Date/Time: Friday, October 27, 1967
Subject: Hot Tamale
We almost lost Harris getting this one

Echelon 3 24 20 12 19 17 17 22 19 23 19 4 0 7 6 7 19 10 12 16 17 6 14 4 3

17 24 20 13 24 8 16 17 1 24 9 21 15 0 5 15 4 4 23 6 11 25 14 4 20 4 9 14 18

12 8 7 21 6 4 21 7 21 4 2 14 3 14 7 18 13 6 22 16 6 1 21 21 15 3 5 24 9 11

2 10 5 21 4 20 11 19 12 5 12 13 12 5 17 19 3 14 21 12 15 17 7 7 2 2 21 1 10

22 13 5

You Have Done WellEdit

From: Trent, John
To: Hudson, Jason
Date/Time: Tuesday, February 27, 1968
Subject: You Have Done Well
Please tell Mason one last thing. This time it's freedom for both of us.

Mason's Health - Keep An Eye on MasonEdit

From: Weaver, Grigori
To: Hudson, Jason
Date/Time: Monday, July 1, 1968
Subject: Mason's Health - Keep An Eye on Mason

Caught Mason puking in the john earlier today and that wasn't the first time. He's jittery; still mumbling to himself. Says he's got headaches, the doc gave him aspirin, and it's no big thing. My father Gedeon, God rest his soul, suffered from extreme migraines too. And Mason's got all the signs.

I told him to get himself ghost, but he refuses. Something about unfinished business. I heard the shrink forcing him to take a leave of absence. Probably a good thing. Maybe you can talk to him. Tell him to take it easy. Retire. He'll listen to you. I'd do it, but it's hard to take a guy seriously when he looks like a pirate, am I right?

That bastard Kravchenko did a number on my eye, but I'll take that any day over whatever Mason's going through.




From: Jackson, Ryan
To: Hudson, Jason
Date/Time: Monday, August 12, 1968
Subject: Cupcakes
Hello everyone,

My lovely wife Bridget, the saint that she is, got up at the crack of dawn and made cupcakes. She coerced me into bringing them into the office to share with all of you. They'll be in the coffee room while supplies last.

WARNING: Only 1 cupcake per person. The room is monitored. Don't make me sic the SAD on you. That goes double for you Stanz and Sutton.

-- Ryan

No SubjectEdit

From: Kain, Richard
To: Hudson, Jason
Date/Time: Wednesday, January 3, 1968
Subject: No Subject

I sent that file over, regarding hypnotic techniques vis-a-vis covert operations. This is way above your clearance level. I trust you not to allow it to disseminate outside of your possesion.

You owe me.


Pack Your BagsEdit

From: King, D.
To: Hudson, Jason
Date/Time: Thursday, January 18, 1968
Subject: Pack Your Bags

You and Mason are going to Khe Sanh. I know you haven't seen a real battlefield since '55, but hopefully you haven't forgotten how to hold a rifle. Your primary contact is Frank Woods. he's a SOG RT team leader and he'll be your guide to the crash site.

This is what Mason's been waiting for. But your job is to keep him on a short leash, you hear? He's skating on thin ice and the blue bloods upstairs are looking for the smallest excuse to cut him loose. Woods and Mason go way back too; maybe this guy can help you keep Mason in line.

It's ugly out there. Try to keep those shades on your head.

All the luck,


Ship OutEdit

From: Brooks, Terrance
To: Hudson, Jason
Date/Time: Monday, February 10, 1968
Subject: Ship Out

Word is we're shipping out soon. If you could give me the heads up regarding the timeframe, it'll do a lot to keep my wife Lauren from ripping me a new one.




From: Jackson, Ryan
To: Hudson, Jason
Date/Time: Wednesday, February 20, 1968
Agent Hudson, I'm forwarding to you today at the behest of ADDO/SAD Richard Kain all pertinent information surrounding the MKSEARCH project and its research and nacrosynthesis. This research extends beyond traditional interrogation methods including ethanol, scopolamine, 3-quinuclidinyl benzilate, sodium thiopental and sodium amytal.

This should help you with the Mason problem.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Ryan Jackson


From: Jackson, Ryan
To: Hudson, Jason
Date/Time: Friday, February 22, 1968
Subject: Mason

I'm done with this guy. He can't be trusted. I don't care what happened at Baikonur. It was more Woods' doing than his. All that time in Vorkuta, I'm telling you, they got to him. There's no way the KGB or Dragovich didn't sink their claws into his skull.

My professional opinion? Once we get the info we need -- two in the chest, one in the head.




I don't know why I'm writing this, but for my peace of mind, there are things I need to stay. You live in a demanding world of secrets and lies and I feel it's that much more important that I'm open and honest with you right now.

You don't have time for me, not in the way I need. You can't give me the future and life that I deserve and I refuse to give you any ultimatum because I'm afraid of the choice you would make. This thing whatever it is between us, is over. I won't be a convenience. I won't be a way just to pass your limited free time. I want someone to love me wholeheartedly, to focus on me, and to see a future with me. The energy and devotion you have for your career is the sort of energy and devotion I wish you had for me. But you don't. You're in love with your job and your country and I simply don't believe you have enough room in your heart to fit me in there as well. Last night, Jason, was our final night.

I'm sorry. There are thing I should be able to say to you face to face. There are things we should be able to take about and work through like a normal couple. But everytime I look at you, I don't want to leave you despite the fact that I believe you don't want me, not in that way. And the things you say, how you say them... I can't not listen. You have a way with words, Jason. I know you can turn me. So please don't contact me, not in any way. I need you erased from my life.

Good luck to you and with your career. I hope someday you'll have time for a life and a love outside of Langley.







Received: 2 March 1968

Returned: 3 March 1968

**SUMMARY: Internal GK memo dated 5 Sept 1944. Earliest known reference to the NOVA Project.





Subject: NOVA Project

We are on schedule thus far. Stability has been our biggest hurdle. The effects, however, are promising and yields results beyond that which was requested.

The remaining issues and action items are as [REDACTED]:

a)Stability is still an issue—we are hoping version 4 will be stable. Reference—Stability Reference No. NOVA.SR 2010032. Stress investigations and Long-Term-Testing with trial batches to derive the shelf-life for batches in phase II.

b) Further testing inroads modes of dispersion currently underway—Initial findings are positive and lead us to believe only slight modifications will be needed [to] retrofit current chemical dispersion techniques. Reference—Dispersion Report No. NOVA.DR 0510032

c) Long term storage testing is in phase III—The Containers are currently being tested in various environments. Phase III includes Long-term testing at 25-degrees Celsius at 60% [illegible] for confirmation of findings. Reference—Stability Report No. NOVA.SR 2010022.

d) Means of protection for handlers and handling protocols must be investigated.

Tests with chimpanzees show current protocols are insufficient. Suggest moving to human trials to speed research. Reference—Trial Report No. NOVA.TR 1915032

e) Current facilities are inadequate—The scope of this project has vastly increased and as such our needs have outgrown our current faculty. The incident last month only reiterates our need for a more permanent and isolated laboratory.

Reference—Incident Report NOVA.IR 0002036.

[REDACTED] we are expecting your [RECACTED].








A. What is it?

B. Who can be Hypnotized?

C. The Induction of Hypnosis

1. Pre-Testing for Suggestibility

2. Induction Procedures

a. Verbal Suggestion

b. Fascination Plus Verbal Suggestion

c. Nacro-Hypnosis

D. Other Factors

1. What Makes a Good Subject?

2. What Characterizes a Good Operator?

3. Stages of Hypnosis

4. "Laws of Hypnosis"

5. Can a Subject Be Hypnotized Against His Will?


A. Disguised Pre-Testing

B. Disguised Induction

C. Specific Operational Situations





NAME: Mason, Alex

PLACE OF BIRTH: Anchorage, Alaska, USA

NATIONALITY: American / Caucasian

D.O.B: 06/03/1933

AGE: 27

HEIGHT: 5' 11"

BUILD: Average

WEIGHT: 190 lbs

EYES: Green

HAIR: Brown


Born and raised in Alaska, the geographical proximity of his home state to Communist Russia brought the threat of the Cold War that much closer to his doorstep than most Americans. This is a key contributor to the candidate's fervent anti-Communist ideals and eventually led to his enlistment in the USMC. The Candidate spent his youth hunting elk and grizzlies in the Alaskan wilderness with his father (a WW2 vet and recipient of the Purple Heart for his actions at the Makin Atoll; as such, the candidate is adept in cold weather combat techniques and is an excellent sniper (at the age of 20 he became the youngest Wimbledon Cup winner in the history of the marksmanship competition).

Candidate was recruited to SAD/SOG at the age of 25 after an exemplary term of service with the Marines. Having served with distinction since joining the Agency, Mason has a long standing friendship with many of his fellow Agency colleagues and shows a particular intimacy with operative Frank Woods.

Always itching for action, Mason's tendency towards impulsiveness is the one trait that may not have been completely "trained out of him." However, close friend Woods is well aware of this, and knows exactly when and how to reign him in.


June 19, 1978

Mr. Hudson—Do not trust D. King. He reports directly to Richard Kain. Kain has eye on you. Be wary.

-- X --




BYE 2367-65


1. Necessary photographic coverage of North Vietnam will be performed by the OXCART vehicle operation out of Kadena Air Base in Okinawa. Preparations for OXCART ops out of Kadena have been ongoing for some time and are fully operational aso of today.

2. OXCART missions will be planned, directed, and controlled by the Central Intelligence Agency Operations Center. 3 OXCART vehicles and requisite support personnel will be deployed from Area 51 to Kadena.

3. Awaiting approval for commencement.




































  • The eleventh message is dated a day after the events of "Redemption." The contents of the message and the use of the word "freedom" suggests that Trent may be an alias for Viktor Reznov, implying that Reznov may have somehow survived Vorkuta and went into hiding.
    • In the third and fourth message, he says that he knows Mason and that Hudson should look into the prison break at Vorkuta.
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