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"So I guess you're famous now for... saving the world. It's very rare that we actually have a celebrity that's done something."
— Jimmy Kimmel interviewing Chloe

Jimmy Kimmel is an American comedian, and television host of the show Jimmy Kimmel Live! and makes a cameo in two of the endings of Call of Duty: Black Ops II.

In one ending, he gets Chloe Lynch as a guest on his show and they talk about her accomplishment of saving the world then Chloe makes an insulting joke about Raul Menendez on the show. Raul Menendez was watching this from prison and when he hears this, he bashes his head against the screen out of rage multiple times.

In another ending, where Raul escapes from prison, he explains to his audience that Raul Menendez was asked to be on his show but his offer was turned down, due to an unexpected "anniversary".

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  • He was also seen in the "There's a Soldier in All of Us" commercial for Call of Duty: Black Ops, firing an RPG-7.
  • Kimmel's birthday is the same day that Black Ops II was released. 
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