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Jingle Hells[1] is a limited time variant of the map Die Maschine featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies, introduced during Season One. It changes the map to being more themed around Christmas with a large amount of minor visual changes. Alongside the visual changes, there are some major changes between the regular Die Maschine and the Jingle Hells variant, such as the Mystery Box being totally vacant from the map, even if a Fire Sale Power-Up is active as well, the inability to complete Seal the Deal as the standard anomalies to the Dark Aether are disabled.

There are also the inclusion of Presents which can drop random rewards such as equipment and guns, two new Tactical equipment in the form of Snowballs that slow down zombies on impact and Coal that simply deals damage, destructible Snowmen that can contain presents or Zombies and the new Power-Up exclusive to the mode called "Naughty or Nice".

Alongside the visual and mechanical changes to the map, all the enemies have had a visual makeover to fit the redesign of the map alongside a naming change. Standard Zombies have become "Nussknackers", Plaguehounds have become "Blitzenhunds", Megatons have become "Un-Ded Moroz", Megaton Blasters have become "Wreath-Wraiths", Megaton Bombers have become "Ol' Tannen-Bombs" and Heavy Zombies have become "Tinsel".



  • One of the round change cues is a Christmas themed version of Alone.
  • The appearance, alongside the name of the redesign of the Plaguehound is in reference to Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.
  • Most of the renames are taken from both Slavic and Germanic Christmas ideas, such as Ol' Tannen-Bomb being a portmanteau of Bomb and O Tannenbaum.
    • Un-Ded Moroz is a take on the Slavic legend Ded Moroz and the word undead.