"Says steering mechanism is sticking; it's not."
— Cpl. Rudinski

Corporal Joakim "Lucky Rudd" Rudinski was a Polish tanker seen in Call of Duty 3.


"Lucky Ruud's quirks and superstitions have spread to the rest of the squad, and they hang on his every judgment. If Rudinski says they will live, they will live."
Call of Duty 3 bonus materials section.

Rudinski had a reputation for being unexpectedly right all the time, for example if he says they lived, they lived. Lucky was the tank's radio operator, who received any orders the team was assigned to. He told the tank crew of their orders to pursue German General Richter. Later, when Richter was killed, after Pte. Ulan told Papa Jack about his possible promotion, Rudinski hollers in excitement that they will all get promotions.

Later, Rudinski was seen in another cutscene where he told Papa Jack that Bohater was performing maintenance, while Lucky said it is not needed.

Later the Polish took Hill 262, and after Bohater narrowly escaped death with Ulan's help, Rudinski, Bohater, and Ulan fought their way up to Papa Jack, Sgt. Kolwalski, and others. They then witnessed Papa Jack and Kolwalski getting thrown back by tank fire. Papa Jack survived, but Kolwalski got killed in the explosion.

Later, the crew met up with Pvt. Leslie Baron of the Canadians, and Rudinski told Bohater to spot targets with him. Soon, Lucky and the crew looked out at a group of tanks they thought that were the Canadians. Unfortunately, for once he was wrong, and they were the Germans.


Once Rudinski found out it wasn't the Canadians, a tank shot from below and killed him along with Krol and Gorski, much to the despair of the other tank crew members.

Appearance and TraitsEdit

Rudinski was most likely the smartest of the tank crew. He had a short beard, and a buzz cut. In terms of uniform, he wore one similar to Sgt. Kolwalski's, only his was more brownish in color and he did not wear a scarf.

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