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For the character in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3: Defiance, see Cole (Modern Warfare 3: Defiance).
"Cole get on the 50. Cal"
Jonathan Callard

Corporal Joe Cole is a demolitions expert in the Canadian Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders regiment who fought in World War II. He serves as the tritagonist of Call of Duty 3.


At first, Cole fights on the Falaise Road where he operates the M2 Browning on board of a M3 halftrack, taking out three German FlaK 88's before proceeding to protect a factory compound from the Germans. The 4th Armored Division secures the facility, under command of Lieutenant Robiechauld, but the facility is hit almost immediately by a German counterattack. After destroying one tank using a Panzerschreck found in the main building, another tank, a Tiger I, rolls in. Out of ammo for the Panzerschreck, Cole plants explosives on the Tiger tank. Later in the campaign, Cole's squad captures the Laison river, and heads to "The Corridor of Death" to rescue a captured tank crew. He helps take a tavern and defend it. However, the Germans break open the front door and Cole, Peterson, and Callard take an ammo dump and blow it up. Callard is killed by the explosion. Robiechauld does seem sad, but it's probably because Callard sacrificed himself to save the others. Cole is later promoted to Corporal by Robiechauld.