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Captain John Alder was the commander of the UNSA ship, the Retribution, during Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. When the Settlement Defense Front attack Geneva during Fleet Week's celebration, Alder was one of the many casualties during the battle by sacrificing himself by ramming into the Olympus Mons, leading the Settlement Defense Front to retreat.

After his death, SCAR Lieutenant Nick Reyes became acting captain of the Retribution.


John Alder joined the UNSA's military force, SATO in his youth. During his service, Alder reached the rank of commander becoming commander of the UNSA's ship carrier; the SWC-141 Retribution.

Before the events of Infinite Warfare, Alder was given an award for being indomitable, placing it into his operations office. Aboard his ship were SCAR operatives, Lieutenant's Nick Reyes and Nora Salter, Marine Usef Omar and others. Robot E3N "Ethan" was assigned to Alder and his ship the day of Fleet Week.

According to the awards located along the wall of the Captain's Quarters adjacent to the terminal, Alder was an Integrated Air and Missile Defense Warfare Tactics Instructor and participated in the Naval Surface and Mine Warfighting Development Center prior to assuming command of the Retribution.

Events of Infinite Warfare

Assault on Geneva

Alder was one of many UNSA ship's celebrating Fleet Week until the Settlement Defense Front attacked and destroyed multiple ship, except the Retribution and Tigris. Alder went to orbit and attacked the SDF, including the supercarrier - the Olympus Mons. With the SDF attacking relentlessly, Alder ordered the Retribution to ram into the Olympus Mons, leading them to retreat, but killing him and his executive officer in the process.


"Peace to the fallen."
— Nora Salter to her former crew members at the war memorial.

Nick Reyes succeeded in becoming commander of the Retribution, along with Tigris' captain Maureen Ferran, fought against the Settlement Defense Front and attacked each orbit and planet they resided. Admiral Salen Kotch was killed by Reyes' assault on their ship in Geneva, leading the SDF's shipyard being destroyed. The victory caused heavy casualties of the Retribution, including Reyes and the ship itself (approx. 763 personnel were killed). Only Salter, Sean Brooks, Evelyn "Boats" Sotomura, and Erwin Kloos survived. Alder and the many who died during the battle names were placed on a war memorial, with Salter saluting and stating "peace for the fallen".


Captain Alder was known to be an excellent leader and captain, making choices that were sacrificing and could get his crewman killed. His honor and bravery made him indomitable, having earned a award for being unbeatable. Alder's actions are presented by his crewman, who are forced to make rough decisions during their battle against the SDF.