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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty 2.

For other characters, see John and Davis.

Sergeant John[1] Davis is the main playable character in the British campaign in Call of Duty 2.


He served in the British 7th Armoured Division under the command of Captain Price, seeing action in El Alamein, Tunisia, and even as far as El Daba, Egypt. He then fought in battle for Caen just after the events of D-Day.



  • An example of a player-character speaking in-game, but being unheard by the player, can be found in the mission "Operation Supercharge". When the player has finished clearing the final house, Captain Price will order Davis to find a radio and tell HQ and that they secured the rally point. When he does this, the soldier on the other end will praise him for his good work, despite Davis seemingly having said nothing.
  • John Davis seems to be second in command of his squad.
  • In the Call of Duty level "Pegasus Bridge-Day", there's a Lt. Davis of the 6th Airborne Division who also works with Cpt. Price.


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