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For the original character, see John Price.
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"Captain in the 22nd SAS and commander of Task Force 141. Peerless combat tracker. Elite seek-and-strike expert. Specializing in unconventional warfare, Price is a target-focused war fighter who deploys a cut to the chase lethality."
— In-game biography

Captain Jonathan[1] Price, simply known as John Price, is a main character in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Price was released as a SAS operator of the Coalition during Season Four of Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Warzone.

With the Season Three of content for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, Price was released as a free NATO operator in Black Ops Cold War as well as in Warzone where he is called Price '84.


With his service in the 22nd SAS Regiment, John Price has spent most of his career fighting in the shadows. He's been shot, captured, abandoned, blown up, locked up, tortured, and left for dead. Price is a veteran of military operations in nearly every conflict-prone corner of the world, distinguishing himself with acts of gallantry and intrepidity. His achievements have risen to the stuff of regimental history.

Price joined the infantry at the age of sixteen and has served in the British Army for eighteen years. One of the youngest cadets to ever graduate the Royal Military Academy as a commissioned officer, he completed Special Service Commando selection and was 'badged' a member of the SAS, proving his worth on countless covert operations over multiple deployments in the Middle East. Promoted to captain in 2011, call-sign 'Bravo Six', Price is the officer in charge of a highly effective unit, tasked with anti–hijacking counter–terrorism, specializing in close quarter combat, sniper techniques and hostage rescue. He is unofficially missioned to capture or kill high value targets.

Blessed with uncanny instincts and an unchecked determination, Captain Price is a peerless combat-tracker, known for excelling in a fluid and volatile environment. An elite seek-and-strike expert, Price is versed in a wide range of field craft and tactical capability. From airborne shock-trooper to long-range reconnaissance operator, Captain Price is a covert, jungle, desert and urban operator, sniper and saboteur. With a knack for developing and maintaining links to foreign fighters across the globe by earning goodwill through trust, Captain Price works closely with Western intelligence agencies assigned to aggressively pursue HVTs. His counter-terrorism squadron is on call to mobilize anywhere in Europe with immediate readiness.

Price believes that the duty of every soldier is to fight for the greater good— "The rules of engagement don't change, but their justification does." Price always fights for what's right but he knows what's right isn't always what you're fighting for. He's often said, "One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter." Sometimes unpredictable and unrestrained, John Price has a golden rule all his own: "We get dirty, and the world stays clean."

Although an officer, Captain Price has always preferred to keep the company of an enlisted warfighter. John often tells new recruits: "All it takes to change the course of history... is the will of a single man or woman." Not above a rogue move or an unholy alliance in the name of getting the job done, John has a deep but often strained relationship with the system.[2]

Much like Sergeant Kyle, Price seems to hate being tied down by rules or procedures, and sometimes takes drastic actions on his own, often against orders.

SAS Career

Early Career

Whilst he was still a Lieutenant, Price was involved in an assassination attempt on Ultranationalist politician Imran Zakhaev under the command of then Captain MacMillan in Pripyat, Ukraine. The attempt was unsuccessful.

In 2009, now in command of unit Bravo, Lieutenant Price was informed of a Russian chemical lab in Urzikstan by a Commander "Karim" of the Urzikstan Liberation Force; acting on this, the SAS launched a raid on the facility, and Price helped assist Commander Farah Karim. Helping her up, the group saved a group of prisoners in the lab, including Karim's brother, Hadir. He then instructed both Farah and Hadir to set up camp in the mountains, away from the Russians and their commanding officer, General Roman Barkov.


On October 24th 2019, during an assignment, Captain Price was contacted by CIA Station Chief Kate Laswell about a failed CIA mission to secure Russian chemical gas in Verdansk, which left multiple Marines killed. Given the risk that the gas could be deployed anywhere in the West, Price agreed to help as he finishes his current assignment.

The next day on October 25th, multiple terrorists affiliated with Al-Qatala launched a terror attack in Piccadilly Circus in Central London, with the Metropolitan Police Service and CTSFO units struggling to contain the attacks. Bravo Team was called in to help secure the area. Captain Price's unit helped contain the attacks and saved Sergeant Kyle Garrick from an Al-Qatala fighter inside an electronics store. Together with Garrick, Price cleared the building, although they could not save a hostage that was forced to wear an explosive vest. Price pushed the hostage with the vest from the second floor to save the others from its inevitable detonation. After securing Piccadilly Circus, Price was informed by Garrick that the MPS had actionable intelligence of the terror cell but could not take any of these actions in order to keep the public calm; with the intel, Price took Garrick under his command.

Two days after the Piccadilly attacks, SAS units under Price's leadership cleared a terror cell in a townhouse in Camden Town, North London. There, the SAS found a "gold mine" of Al-Qatala intelligence and the current location of Al-Qatala leader Omar "The Wolf" Sulaman.


Thanks to the intelligence from the London townhouse raid, US Marines and CIA officer Alex captured Omar Sulaman in Rammaza Hospital in Urzikstan the next day, and brought him to the Urzikstan U.S. Embassy for interrogation and SAS extraction. However, Al-Qatala's second in command, The Butcher, rallied Al-Qatala forces in front of the Embassy, outnumbering the Marines. Price and Garrick were inbound in a Black Hawk to extract Sulaman, but were shot down by an RPG as Al-Qatala breached the Embassy and started killing indiscriminately. Price survived the crash, and continued with Garrick to meet up with the Marines. Price held Garrick back during The Butcher's intimidation attempts, which included the murder of a father and young son. Price assured Garrick that they will eventually capture the Butcher. The pair then managed to clear the way to the Embassy safe room where they rendezvoused with Alex and Farah, who had secured Sulaman. Price led Farah, Alex and allied units escorting Sulaman to the Ambassador's residence, while Garrick helped the Ambassador's assistant to safety. Outnumbered, Price's group and the remaining Marines held back Al-Qatala forces as best they can with the assistance of illumination rounds from a mortar and a drone provided by Laswell; however, they were unable to stop Al-Qatala from retrieving Sulaman.

Due to the situation, Price divided his assets to try and stop The Wolf from escaping; Alex and Farah went out to the Highway of Death to intercept The Wolf. Price and Garrick arrived after Hadir had stolen and used Russian poison gas in a chemical attack with the help of Al-Qatala forces. Price found Alex and Farah barely alive in a bunker, both infuriated by Hadir's betrayal.

With the situation unraveling further, Laswell gave Bravo Team execute authority on The Wolf, The Butcher and Hadir; Bravo, with Price leading, then launched an assault on The Wolf's compound in Takkari, Urzikstan. Price and Garrick secured the compound with SAS and CIA forces, while Alex and Farah found The Wolf and killed him. Due to the chemicals still being missing and Hadir's recent involvement with Al-Qatala, the U.S. had listed Farah's Urzikstan Liberation Force as a terrorist threat, which incited anger from Price, who threatened Marine Colonel Norris about the decision.

Eastern Europe

Intelligence obtained during the raid of The Wolf's compound suggested that Al-Qatala, with the help of Hadir, were planning another terrorist attack on St. Petersburg, Russia. Price argued with Laswell about either warning Moscow or letting the attack happen, before Price offered his own plans: an unsanctioned "black" operation to capture Hadir and The Butcher in Russia with the help of one of Price's FSB contacts. Price then allowed Garrick to join him, arguing that he is ready for this type of operation.

In St. Petersburg, Price and Garrick managed to link up with Price's FSB contact, Nikolai, who supplied them with silenced weaponry and assistance in the field. When The Butcher tried to escape, Price and Garrick chased him and killed a number of Al-Qatala operatives, until Nikolai hit The Butcher with a van, stopping him. Price then secured The Butcher inside the van while Garrick held off approaching Al-Qatala. After escaping, the group then brought The Butcher to a warehouse for interrogation. Because The Butcher was unwilling to cooperate, Price had Nikolai capture The Butcher's wife and son as a bargaining chip for information, which he then divulged under stress when his family was threatened.

After finding out that Hadir had moved to General Barkov's personal estate in Moldova with Al-Qatala assisting him, Price and Garrick moved out to find Hadir. At the estate, Price provided overwatch for Garrick as he discovered several tortured interrogation victims, who turned out to be Barkov's relatives. When Garrick learned Hadir was inside the mansion on the estate, Price regrouped with him and moved to the main house to secure Hadir and leave with him, narrowly escaping Barkov's forces.

After securing Hadir and the plans to Barkov's chemical factory in Georgia, Price was met on the way back by Laswell and a group of Marines. Laswell informed Price that Russia wanted Hadir in their custody, and the U.S. complied in order to avert a potential diplomatic crisis; Hadir had to be transferred to Russia. Price, annoyed and frustrated at this, agreed to hand Hadir over, but he kept the intel on the gas factory.


Acting on the intel acquired from the previous operation, Bravo Team recruited Farah, Alex and the Urzikstan Liberation Force to help destroy Barkov's gas factory in Georgia. With assistance from Laswell via an APC, a missile drone, and remote explosives provided by Nikolai, the team assaulted Barkov's gas factory. The team was divided into two; Price and Garrick would bomb the pipeline while Farah and Alex would enter and blow up the interior furnace. Price and Garrick successfully planted their explosives, but Alex, with his remote detonator broken, decided to sacrifice his life to detonate his explosives manually. Price, Garrick and the Urzikstan Liberation Force escape after destroying the chemical lab.

Forming Task Force 141 and Countering New Threats

After the attack on the gas lab, Russia officially disowned Roman Barkov, his forces, and his actions. Sometime after, Price asked General Shepherd for personal files on several Special Forces individuals. Laswell met Price to discuss the files, with Price wanting to create a task force to tie up loose ends. Originally, Laswell refused, which prompted Price to threaten walking out. Laswell changes her mind, and informs Price that Victor Zakhaev, the son of Imran Zakhaev, is gaining power; stopping Zakhaev will be one of the first missions for the task force. Price officially recruits Garrick (now known as Gaz), Johnny "Soap" MacTavish, and Simon Riley, and names the team Task Force 141.

Not long after Price assembled Task Force 141, Laswell informed both Nikolai and Price that a new individual had taken control over Al-Qatala and gained new resources which heavily fortified the Al-Qatala army and led to them occupying the city of Verdansk. Sergeant Kamarov of the FSB, another contact of Price's, then informed that the West and Russia will cooperate to take down this new threat. Price, Nikolai, Laswell and Kamarov gathered their operatives and began their attempt to stop Al-Qatala again.

War Against Al-Qatala

In March 2020, when Al-Qatala released toxic gas within Verdansk, Task Force 141 operator Simon "Ghost" Riley discovered a chaotic situation where the operators of Armistice had turned against themselves and began targeting each other. He soon requested Price to send him reinforcements he could trust.

Riley managed to escape the city and was deployed to a classified location where Price informed him that the attack on Verdansk was Zakhaev's plan, with intent to disband Armistice. Price sent Alex, who remained alive after the operation at Barkov's gas factory, to assist Riley.

As the situation in Verdansk escalates with the discovery of bunkers used to store Al-Qatala weapons, Price conducts an operation in the city alongside Task Force 141 operator Gaz, intent on preventing the situation from becoming any more chaotic. He also eventually recruits Farah and NIkolai to join the operation in Verdansk, and enlists the help of Sgt. Griggs in finding and apprehending Victor Zakhaev.

In December 2020, after learning of Victor's movement, Price assembles a team and proceeds to a nuclear bunker where he personally stops Victor from launching a missile and nuking Verdansk. Afterwards, he responses to a radio call from Soap, who requests assistance "half a few clicks off of Verdansk's coast".


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare


Name Rarity Image How to obtain
The Captain Price The Captain Skin.webp Legendary Battle Pass Season Four Tier 0
Midlands Midlands Price MW.png Legendary Operator Mission
Premier Premiere Price MW.png Legendary Operator Mission
Nightfall Nightfall Price MW.png Legendary Battle Pass Season Four Tier 100
Phantom Phantom Price MW.png Legendary Operator Mission
Dead of Night DeadOfTheNight Price MW.png Legendary Operator Mission


Name Rarity How to obtain
As You Sow Rare Operator Mission
Bites The Dust Rare Operator Mission
Bloody A Rare Unobtainable
Bloody Hatch Rare Unobtainable
Now Bugger Off Rare Unobtainable
Off With Ya Rare Unobtainable
Piss Off Rare Unobtainable
Rest In Peace Rare Unobtainable
See You Rare Unobtainable
Wanker Rare Unobtainable

Finishing Moves

Name Rarity How to obtain
Staying Frosty Epic Unlocked by default
Enlightened Epic Unobtainable
Universal Finishing Moves

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War


Name Rarity Image How to obtain
Captain Price Legendary Price Icon BOCW.png Purchase Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War from Season Three

Call of Duty: Mobile

Main article: John Price

Price appears in Call of Duty: Mobile and was added as part of the Season 12 Going Dark Battle Pass. He is a uniform for the Original Price. [3]


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II



  • Price's blood type is O+.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War