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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: Black Ops III.

The following texts were taken from the information that appears at the start of every mission in Call of Duty: Black Ops III. All the entries were written by the game's deuteragonist, John Taylor.

Black Ops[]

AAR INCOMING. WA FOB SAFHOUSE-CHE. REPORT DESIGNATION: CO Juliet-Tango. Secondary: Sierra-Delta. LNO WASF: Juliet-Hotel WASF. AFTER ACTION MISSION REPORT: Classified WACF. SOCWA-C Eyes Only. Encryption: #1-8-9-2-TANGO-1-0-2. OPERATIONAL PROTOCOL: Search & Rescue. Target Secured. Mission Status: CLOSED.

Oct 27th ’65. At approx. 14:00hrs we received confirmation that HVI Egyptian Prime Minister Said had been located at an NRC airfield in the Ethiopian Semien Mountain Range. Following the NRC’s recent defeats in Cairo, SOCWA had reason to believe the Minister was to be made “an example of”, in retaliation. Mission Priority was to extract the Minister via EXFIL Drone located outside the principal AO. Airspace window was limited, mission success relied on the hacking of the Site’s DEAD systems – we moved in at 21:00Hrs. The Operation was coordinated between two teams. Primary was my team – WA Black Cyber Ops Division comprised [sic] of Specialists Sebastian Diaz, Sarah Hall and Peter Maretti. Secondary was WASF, led by CO Jacob Hendricks and a bunch of new faces. Plan was that my team would keep the NRC occupied while the WASF moved to secure the HVI for extraction. Personal disclosure – This operation was my first time working with Hendricks since #61-63-6B-75. He noticed the Scarf on my arm and asked and asked about Rachel, I guess he hadn’t heard about our separation. As you no doubt already know, the operation did not go as planned. WASF discovered additional hostages on site, among them Lt. Khalil – captured by the NRC at Lotus Towers and previously assumed KIA. Initially I stuck to protocol and denied Hendricks’ request to extract – With our limited window for extraction, I did not believe we had sufficient time to secure both the Minister and the additional hostages. However – after some deliberation, I changed my mind. I made the call to return for the other captives – while Hendricks’ team moved to EXFIL. Though the Drone was able to secure the Minister and Khalil – the others were not so lucky. Hendricks’ VTOL was forced out of the airspace with his team still on the ground. Though they tried to fight back, they were quickly surrounded and brutally overwhelmed by NRC Bipedal Robots. Most did not survive. I’d like to state for the record – the responsibility of this outcome lies solely on myself. No blame should be apportioned to Hendricks – even though he directly challenged my orders. I was the one who decided to break protocol and return for the other hostages. Even in light of the tragic consequences of my decision, I do believe that trying to save the lives of our allies was indeed the right thing to do. The sole survivor of Hendricks’ team was taken to the Zurich facility to undergo emergency lifesaving procedures. After being stabilized, they were quickly identified as a potential candidate for the Cyber Ops program, and were fitted with a DNI. Prior to limb replacement surgery and full body augmentation, I personally interfaced to assist with their integration, acclimation and training. They had potential. Unfortunately, complications arose during the procedure – They were pronounced dead shortly thereafter.

- In reference to the events in Black Ops and New World.

New World[]

Personal Log: John Taylor. My team and I – Specialists Dylan Stone, Javier Ramirez, Alice Conrad and Joseph Fierro have been selected to plus up a new Winslow Accord Black Ops team. Our new CO is Jacob Hendricks. He’s easy going and direct, but has that “don’t-dare-mess-with-me” attitude. I like that. If ever a team needed that sort of a headstrong approach, it would be this one. For the duration of our training I have been designated Case #24954, Call-Sign: Romeo. It’s a “leave-your-name-and-personality-at-the-door” sort of gig. Ramirez, Conrad and Fierro have all been assigned equally stupid names. Since we got to the Zürich facility, training exercises have consisted of advanced tactical communication procedures, specialist weapon training and operational protocol – all within the context of different historical and hypothetical mission scenarios. Though the specifics of our operational parameters have not been fully clarified at this time, we all know why we’re here. No one says it, but none of us are in any doubt as to what kind of Ops we’ll be running…Wetwork. The training is intensive – and high risk, but if we make it through the month, we’ll be selected to begin action with Hendricks as our CO. If all goes well, it’ll be back to back tours in some of the worst conflicts across the globe. We’re going to make a difference – Maybe bring stability to these regions. We just have to kill the right people. Note to self – start getting used to correct terminology. Taylor Out.

- When he was selected to join the new Team Phi

In Darkness[]

AAR INCOMING. WA FOB SAFEHOUSE-SGP. REPORT DESIGNATION: CO Juliet-Tango. Standing OIC: Juliet-Hotel. LNO: Romeo-Kilo. AFTER ACTION MISSION REPORT: Classified WASF, SOCWA-E Eyes Only. Encryption #2-0-6-ECHO-6-FOXTROT-7-4. OPERATIONAL PROTOCOL: Infiltration & Termination. OPERATION #20-6E-6F-74 ACCEPTED. Four Targets Marked for Termination. Mission Status: OPEN. Day: 0.

Our newly assigned liaison for this joint operation with the CIA is Case Officer Rachel Kane. Prior to reaching the AO, she provided us with a Data Package providing local intelligence and broadly outlining our mission parameters. Infiltration in Singapore Quarantine Zone was relatively uneventful. After hitting DZ, our Team experienced contained direct action with local criminal combine the 54 Immortals, but engagements were tied off quickly and low profile was maintained. Our team swept the AD, before moving to secure the CIA Black Station. Upon arrival we discovered the bodies of the station staff. Despite the heavy 54i presence on site, INTREP suggested an inside job – The numerous instances of security breaches – only possible for those with Station clearance – seem to support this conclusion. Further – INTREP suggested that the perpetrators primary motive was most likely to secure classified INTEL detailing the WA’s military strength in contested regions across the world. Preliminary investigation suggests that they knew exactly what they were doing and took steps to cover their tracks. They removed the Station’s data drives that would contain the security cam footage of the entire incident. Let the official records show – it was only after the station was secured that LNO Kane revealed details withheld from our original briefing. Specifically – that the last known Black Op coordinated from the site was conducted by our former teammates – Stone, Ramirez, Conrad and Fierro. These are the facts: time-sensitive. Perpetrators have likely defected to CDP. Data drives must be recovered. Priority ONE – Contain and secure all materials relating to ongoing operations of the WASF, CIA, MI6, and all other branches of military and covert organizations under the WA banner. Priority TWO – Termination of suspects. LNO Kane confirms that the CIA believes our targets have not yet left Singapore – but the clock is ticking. Personal Commitment: The CIA’s suggestion that Stone’s team may be responsible for the killings does not sit well with Hendricks. In my five years under his command I have never seen him let his emotions get the better of him, but it’s clear that he’s troubled by the concept that his former teammates could betray the Winslow Accord and defect to the CDP. If their guilt is indeed established, the revelation could create a potentially difficult situation for Hendricks.

- In relation to the events in In Darkness.


AAR INCOMING. WA FOB SAFEHOUSE-SGP. REPORT DESIGNATION: CO Juliet-Tango. Standing OIC: Juliet-Hotel. LNO: Romeo-Kilo. AFTER ACTION MISSION REPORT: Classified WASF, SOCWA-E Eyes Only. Encryption #2-0-6-7-6-FOXTROT-6-9. OPERATIONAL PROTOCOL: Infiltration & Recovery. Identities of Four Targets Marked for Termination are confirmed: CDP Defectors Mike-Sierra, Juliet-Romeo, Alpha-Charlie & Juliet-Foxtrot. Mission Status: OPEN. Day: 1.

Tracking the Data Drives revealed our Targeted Area of Interest: Singapore Biodomes. Stronghold for the 54 Immortals, heart of their operations. At this time we believe our Targets bartered the data drives with the Immortals for safe passage out of Singapore – reinforcing the defection theory as the 54i are aligned with the CDP. We entered the Stronghold posing as black market Weapons dealers selling Code Black Robotics provided by the CIA. Using Hendricks’ contact – Danny Li, we sought to make contact with Goh Xiulan and Goh Min, the sibling Leaders of the combine. During our initial contact, LNO Kane (operating remotely from Safehouse-SGP) successfully triangulated the exact location of the package to the 54 Immortals Central Server Room within Cloud Mountain. The Goh’s were suspicious – and quickly made us as WASF. The situation quickly escalated – In the initial struggle Goh Min was KIA and Goh Xiulan fled the scene. Team was forced to initiate Secondary Protocol Echo Two – VTOL exfiltration rerouted to the top of the dome – wings up on package recovery confirmation. Engagements with hostile forces occurred en route to central server, including skirmishes with 54i and a contingent of visiting NRC Forces. After breaching the server room, circumstances forced our team to remove Goh Xiulan’s hand in order to gain bypass the biometric security. OIC Hendricks wanted it on record that this action did not have his approval, however time was critical and I felt we had no other option. After securing the package, secondary EXFIL was compromised by 54i-operated Wraith – and were forced to initiate Tertiary Protocol Echo Three – pushing exfil to the subway station beyond the surrounding swampland. This would prove successful, but not without additional collateral damage along the way. While Op did not proceed as smoothly as planned, our team had taken the appropriate steps to ensure the CIA’s drives were secured. The Goh’s suspicion and our team being compromised would seem to imply that Stone’s team may have forewarned them of our arrival. Upon reviewing the data drives, Security footage positively ID’d the killers: Dylan Stone, Javier Ramirez, Alice Conrad and Joseph Fierro – members of our own Winslow Accord Black Ops Team as previously stated. At this time we can also confirm there were responsible for a) The KIAs at the CIA Black Station and b) The missing data drives and subsequent intelligence leaks. Hendricks’ emotional response to the footage was not unexpected – our Targets were former teammates – we’d spent years in the field together. It’s my firm belief that Hendricks’ period of denial will soon pass. That said – the question remains – what led Stone and his team to defect? While reviewing the drives we learned that Stone’s last op before his defection was to investigate a disturbance at Coalescence Corporation Singapore. We intend to follow in their footsteps in the hope of gaining greater insight into their motives.

- In relation to the events in Provocation.


AAR INCOMING. WA MSS AIRBORNE-SGP. REPORT DESIGNATION: CO Juliet-Tango. Standing OIC: Juliet-Hotel. LNO: Romeo-Kilo. AFTER ACTION MISSION REPORT: Classified WASF. SOCWA-E Eyes Only. Encryption # 6-ECHO-6-7-2-0-7-4. OPERATIONAL PROTOCOL: Field Assessment. Target KIA: CDP Defector Juliet-Romeo. Mission Status: OPEN. Day: 2.

This document has been designated "Eyes-Only” with approval for the following members of SOCWA-E listed on the attachment. It will remain classified ongoing at this time and certain sections may be further redacted prior to submission. The following report outlines to the existence of a clandestine operation run by the CIA - Records of which have been expunged from Langley Archives. This information has only received LNO Kane's sign off because it may provide insight into the mentality and motivations behind the defectors' actions. (The incident at the WA Safehouse-SGP will be addressed in the following report.) Stone's team's last known Op was to investigate a silent alarm triggered from an off-grid position somewhere deep beneath the Coalescence Corporation Singapore facility. Following in their footsteps - our own investigation has indeed provided some insight into their actions in the aftermath of their final mission. Beneath the Coalescence Corporation facility, our team discovered an abandoned CIA BLACK PROJECT - designation SP/CORVUS - involving experimental DNI trials on human test subjects. After positively identifying one of the deceased, it was the team’s conclusion that the subjects were most likely appropriated into the program from the local criminal underclass. More damaging than the ethical issues of unsanctioned human trials, our investigation uncovered details linking this project to the Coalescence Corporation Disaster of 2060. Details of the devastating tragedy that occurred in early June of 2060 are well known, but responsibility for the 300,000 civilian deaths has always been attributed to negligence on the part of Coalescence Corporation. The information we uncovered suggests that this CIA Black Project was the direct hypocenter of the disaster. As previously reported, an unanticipated Target Termination occurred on site - within the SP/CORVUS server room. It was at this location that we encountered Javier Ramirez in the process of uploading additional INTEL to our enemies - most notably the locations of all WA Safehouses worldwide, including Safehouse-SGP - where our LNO was currently located. Once the target was incapacitated, Hendricks conducted a hostile interrogation which yielded several key pieces of information - Stone had bartered the data drives for safe passage out of Singapore, and was now en route to Cairo in pursuit of two HVIs -survivors of the Coalescence Corporation disaster: Dr. Salim, a scientist who is believed to have relocated to Cairo, and Sebastian Krueger, location unknown. After extracting this information, Hendricks eliminated the target - an act which was clearly of emotional consequence to him - given their long standing friendship. Soon after this action, the 54 Immortals launched a large scale attack on the site which resulted in the destruction of the facility. In close tactical coordination with our LNO, our team extracted relatively unscathed - only to discover that the Immortals were now launching an assault on her position.

- In relation to the events in Hypocenter.


AAR INCOMING. WA MSS AIRBORNE-6R. REPORT DESIGNATION: CO Juliet-Tango. Standing OIC: Juliet-Hotel. LNO: Romeo-Kilo. AFTER ACTION MISSION REPORT: Classified WASF. SOCWA-C Eyes Only. Encryption # 6-FOXTROT-2-0-6-DELTA-6-1. OPERATIONAL PROTOCOL: Search & Rescue. Mission Status: OPEN. Day: 3.

The latest INTEL leaks proved to be far more expansive and damaging than initially anticipated. Not only have WA safehouses been compromised all over the world, but the details on the SP/CORVUS Black Project have been revealed as well. It is still too early to determine the extent of the fallout from this release of such classified documents. Immediately following our mission to investigate the Coalescence Corporation facility, we became aware that Safehouse-SGP was now under attack from the 54 Immortals - acting on the direct orders of Goh Xiulan. Communication with WA Command was down at this time, and I made the executive decision to attempt a recovery of LNO Kane as opposed to taking immediate EVAC. This decision to undertake a rescue mission was not in line with standard protocol and was in direct opposition to the LNO’s orders prior to comms failure. Hendricks voiced his disapproval of the operation, but I felt Kane's extraction was vital to the ongoing operation. Open engagements occurred throughout AO - where the 54 Immortals had enacted a massacre of civilians in the surrounding area. The high civilian casualties are deeply regrettable - especially as these acts of brutality were in no doubt in retaliation for our actions at the Biodomes. To put it bluntly - This was not a tactical move by the Immortals, this was an emotional response - this Vengeance. After the Immortals breached WA Safehouse-SGP, my attempt to extract our LNO led to a confrontation with Goh Xiulan which resulted in her termination. The true impact of leaving the Immortals without leaders - and what it means for the future of Singapore and the Quarantine Zone - are not assessable at this time. Hendricks called in VTOL EVAC to our location and we successfully extracted from the AO. Though badly injured in the conflict, Kane is making a good recovery - having undergone onboard medical procedures en route to Cairo. Personal Comment: Hendricks continues to theorize about a CIA conspiracy of some kind, and has begun to ask questions about my relationship with our LNO - going as far as to suggest that I may be emotionally compromised. For the record: while I do feel a strong personal connection with Kane - it is neither sexual nor romantic in nature. My only focus is the mission.

- In relation to the events in Vengeance.

Rise & Fall[]

AAR INCOMING. WA FOB SAFEHOUSE-EGY. REPORT DESIGNATION: CO Juliet-Tango. Standing OIC: Juliet-Hotel. LNO: Romeo-Kilo. AFTER ACTION MISSION REPORT: Classified WASF. SOCWA-A Eyes Only. Encryption #6-BRAVO-6-5-2-0-6-9. OPERATIONAL PROTOCOL: Interrogation. Mission Status: OPEN. Day 4.

Priority one - interrogation of HVI - Dr. Salim. Imperative to secure him before Stone. Following the INTEL leaks from Singapore. WA Emergency Security comms protocols were enacted - At this time we remain cut off from Command. En route to Cairo, we got word that local Egyptian Army Forces had successfully secured the HVI for interrogation. Local EA CO on site, Lt. Zeyad Khalil, coordinated the effort. Recent events have highlighted the undeniable fact that Hendricks is deeply unsettled by this mission, and his emotions are starting to affect his performance in the field. Nowhere was this more apparent than during the interrogation of the HVI. Though Doctor Salim did reveal additional information relating to the SP/CORVUS project, Hendricks grew visibly aggravated throughout his questioning - and came close to breaching our operational mandate. Hendricks' erratic behavior did not go unnoticed by our LNO. Privately, she confided that certain information had been withheld from our initial briefing - Specifically that Stone's team had been marked for termination immediately following their discovery of the SP/CORVUS project and their threats to go public. It was Kane that personally called in the CIA Black Bag team to terminate the team upon their return to the Black Station. When their efforts failed - we were called in with the same purpose. Given recent events, I have decided that this information should continue to be withheld from Hendricks. During our interrogation, the NRC launched an assault on Ramses Station. The attack involved a large scale ground force - a multilateral coordinated strike - targeting strategic weak points in the defenses of the FOB. The NRC's effort was primarily directed at disabling the Egyptian Army's DEAD systems; in order to enter airspace unopposed. The precision of the attack suggests that they were acting on INTEL procured through the CIA and WA leaks released by Stone. Further collusion with the NRC is implied by the fact that Stone and his team used the distraction of the assault in order to breach Ramses Station and capture our HVI Salim. In the wake of the battle, we began preparations to abandon the FOB in order to pursue Stone and the HVI - via the tracker I had place on him prior to the interrogation. Knowledge of the tracker was initially withheld from Hendricks - a fact which in retrospect appears has only to have furthered his suspicions regarding my relationship with the CIA. Tracking signal pinpoints Dr. Salim in TAI "Kebechet", formally the Garden City District of Cairo.

- In relation to the events of Rise & Fall.

Demon Within[]

AAR INCOMING. WA FOB SAFEHOUSE-EGY. REPORT DESIGNATION. CO: Juliet-Tango. Standing OIC: Juliet-Hotel. LNO: Romeo-Kilo. AFTER ACTION MISSION REPORT: Classified WASF. SOCWA-A Eyes Only. Encryption #7-4-2-CHARLIE-2-0-4-4. OPERATIONAL PROTOCOL: Interrogation & Termination. Target KIA: CDP Defector Alpha-Charlie. Mission Status: OPEN. Day 5.

On approach to the HVI's location in Kebechet, the signal from the tracker indicated that the HVI's vitals had suddenly flattened. We later confirmed that he had been terminated by Stone - just moments before our arrival and his departure from the AO. Details on the engagement with the Target Conrad are as follows - In coordination with Egyptian Army forces and with continued support from Lt. Khalil, the DA was quick and clean - Conrad was incapacitated with minimal casualties to allied forces. After performing a localized-TVA for security purposes, the team secured the target for questioning. In light of Hendricks' prior behavior during the Interrogation of Salim, I made the decision to interrogate Conrad myself. During the interrogation, Conrad appeared confused and unstable. Though her recollections lacked clarity of details at points - she did reveal that Stone's interest in Salim was primarily concerned with identifying and locating those responsible for the black project and the disaster that then befell Singapore. Once Salim had named Sebastian Krueger, and provided his location - Coalescence Corporation HQ in Zurich - Stone put a bullet in his head. According to Conrad, Stone intends to secure Krueger and force him to publicly confirm the company's role in SP/CORVUS. Recommend HVI Krueger be moved to a secure location ASAP. Under further questioning - Conrad supplied Stone and Fierro's likely location - The now abandoned Cairo Mobile Water Refineries. LNO Kane is discussing the possibility of a JAAT with Khalil and the Egyptian Army. As remaining Targets have likely fortified the position - we'll need all the support we can get. After all valuable INTEL was extracted, the Target was terminated. Regarding the open subject of Hendricks - In the last few days, he has clearly grown increasingly conflicted by the morality of our operations - Explicitly expressing that part of him understands and sympathizes with the motives of our targets. Were I to follow protocol - I would recommend he be placed on leave immediately, but our current situation and lack of communication with WA command means I can't afford to lose any more people. I am confident that I can help him keep emotional impulses under control and remain an active asset for the team.

- In relation to the events of Demon Within.

Sand Castle[]

AAR INCOMING. WA FOB SAFEHOUSE-EGY. REPORT DESIGNATION: CO Juliet-Tango, Acting OIC: Juliet-Tango. OIC Juliet-Hotel Relieved. LNO: Romeo-Kilo. AFTER ACTION MISSION REPORT: Classified WASF. SOCWA-A Eyes Only. Encryption #4-ECHO-4-9-2-0-6-2. OPERATIONAL PROTOCOL: Termination. Target KIA: CDP Defector Juliet-Foxtrot. Mission Status: OPEN. Day: 6.

Our JAAT with the Egyptian Army proved both effective and, as it turns out, necessary. Upon approaching the AO, NRC Air Support was sighted moving on our Targets and DA was initiated before reaching our DZ. We move in on the DZ to secure the remaining HVTs. With NRC forces entrenched inside the mobile drilling platforms of the old Aquifer project, our infiltration proved far more difficult than initially anticipated. With the assistance of the NRC, Target Stone was successfully extracted to an unknown location before we were able to secure him. Target Fierro was apprehended and terminated on site. Like Conrad, he appeared slightly delusional - convinced that the actions of his team were in the service of the greater good. In coordination with Lt. Khalil our LNO will continue to monitor comms for any chatter that may give some indication as to location of our remaining Target. Current theory is that he is leveraging the support of the NRC in order to secure safe passage out of Cairo and transport to Zurich. Full Disclosure: Having been informed that Hendricks chose to file an official report regarding his concerns over my relationship with our LNO, I have no choice other than to rebut the allegations made - by offering my own account of the events that transpired. During the pursuit of our targets, I became trapped under water with no surface access. Close to death, it was LNO Kane who found a way to pull me from the water and perform lifesaving procedures. As I recovered from my near drowning, Kane expressed her own doubts regarding the mission's agenda, as well as her feelings for me - Suggesting that once the mission was complete, we could leave the military and start a civilian life together. I believe this was a brief lapse in professionalism on the part of Kane - borne out of stress, and should have no impact on our ability to complete the task before us. With the termination of Target Fierro, Hendricks displayed yet more signs of anger and emotional distress - Even suggesting that we were being deliberately misled by our LNO. As previously stated - I cannot recommend removing him from duty at this time as he is still needed to achieve our goals, but I stand by my decision to remove from his Commanding Post and assert myself as OIC for the remainder of the mission. Once we have confirmation on Stone's location, we will move to eliminate.

- In relation to the events of Sand Castle.

Lotus Towers[]

AAR INCOMING, WA FOB SAFEHOUSE-EGY. REPORT DESIGNATION: CO Juliet-Tango, Acting OIC: Juliet-Tango, LNO: Romeo-Kilo. AFTER ACTION MISSION REPORT: Classified WASF. SOCWA-A Eyes Only. Encryption #6-1-6-3-6-BRAVO-7-5. OPERATIONAL PROTOCOL: Infiltration & Termination. Target KIA: CDP Defector Mike-Sierra. Mission Status: CLOSED. Day 7.

At this time Target Dylan Stone's termination is confirmed. All additional confidential materials concerning the WA and CIA have been retrieved and secured. Operation #61-63-6B-75 has been confirmed as CLOSED at this time. Final Report. We picked up chatter suggesting that our final Target had been taken to Lotus Towers - a residential mega-structure now under the control of the NRC. Now acting as their Primary FOB for Operations in Cairo, the structure was well guarded and heavily protected. In concert with Egyptian Army Forces and civilian militia, our team infiltrated the Tower in pursuit of Target Stone. DA proved successful not just for our team but also for Egyptian Army Forces as well - striking a blow for their cause with the elimination of the NRC's Primary Commander, General Hakim. NRC operations have been thrown into chaos, leading to large scale withdrawal of their forces in Cairo. Despite this victory, our allies suffered significant losses - most notably the capture of Lt. Khalil - our principal contact in Egyptian Army. Upon cornering Stone on the NRC VTOL Landing Pad at the top of the Lotus Tower Two; we were involved in a major firefight that resulted in significant damage to the surrounding structures. It was at this time that I was incapacitated after sustaining serious injuries. I was saved only by the intervention of Hendricks - who despite all his prior doubts was finally terminated our target. After the operation, Hendricks requested transfer out of the Wetworks unit - A request that I fully understand given what he's been through. I have written a letter of recommendation; stating that it's been an honor to train under him, work with him and learn from him. Regarding my own reassignment, the extent of my injuries required urgent non-consensual surgical reconstruction and cybernetic augmentation at our Zurich facility. Following a successful period of rehabilitation and physiotherapy - I was offered a chance to join an experimental program - the newly formed Winslow Accord Black Cyber Ops unit. Personal Comment: My relationship with our former LNO Rachel Kane is over. Our fundamental disagreements about our respective futures in the military closed the door to any future we might have had. It may not have worked out, but I have no doubt that I have made the right decision. I look forward to continuing to serve my country and her Allies. Taylor Out.

- In relation to the events of Lotus Towers.


7-15-1. Finish the mission. Primary Targets remain active. Stop. Stop it. End it. Hang in there. Hold on. You're alright. I need a medic over here! Stop! What are you doing? We'd heard the rumors. We'd be changing the World, they said. After hitting DZ. Team experienced contained direct action with local combine 54 Immortals - Delta-Romeo-Alpha-Gold-Oscar-Victor-India-Charlie-Hotel-Kilo-Romeo-Alpha-Victor-Charlie-Hotel-Echo-November-Kilo-Oscar-Sierra-Tango-Echo-India-November-Echo-Romeo-Tango-Hotel-Echo-Sierra-Echo-Mike-Echo-November-Mike-Uniform-Sierra-Tango-Delta-India-Echo. Team was forced to initiate Secondary Protocol Echo Two. Full records of the project were expunged, this was Vengeance. Reboot in Progress. Authorization Required. 2-19-7-25. Corvus. Hendricks. Kane. Zurich. Diaz. Hall. Maretti. Cairo. Stone. Ramirez. Conrad. Fierro. Singapore. Taylor. Taylor. Taylor. Ethiopia. Get your hands off me! Get off me! You need to do more, you can't give up now!#$gffgmll32b.=s2981,ffff,"' -performing a variety of physical coercion methods approved with accordance of Standard assistance of the NRC. Tango Stone was extracted to a War is all I know. Lima-Echo-Tango-Mike-Echo-Golf-Oscar-Yankee-Oscar-Uniform-Mike-Uniform-Sierra-Tango-Lima-Echo-Tango-Mike-Echo-Golf-Oscar. Come on, wake up. You can do it, open your eyes. Don't you think it's time you woke up? I am committed to this. Taylor Out. Secondary was WASF, led by CO Hendricks leading a new unit. We've fitted the newest subject with their DNI and prepping them for surgery - as a way of initiating him into the program is code for covert Ops if I've ever heard it. 6-13-6. What happened? Day. Day. Day. What Day? Hang on! Get to the APC. Get outta there! Hang tight, you're not dying today. Encryption Unknown. Cannot verify. Overriding Protocol systems Failure. Please enter proper authorization clearance. This isn't right; this wasn't how it was supposed to be. An error? What do you mean there’s an error? Can't you see they're still alive?? Can't you see they're still breathing! I don't care what the encryption is! Do it! Do it now! India-Sierra-Echo-Echo-India-Tango-November-Oscar-Whiskey. India-Sierra-Echo-Echo-Tango-Hotel-Echo-Foxtrot-Romeo-Oscar-Zulu-Echo-November-Foxtrot-Oscar-Romeo-Echo-Sierra-Tango. We was unaware of Tangos IDs until confirmed by LNO Kane the team was investigating a disturbance at Coalescence Corporation Singapore. Tango Javier Ramirez was located in the process of uploading addition information The long-term impact of what this means for Singapore and the Quarantine Zone is not assessable at this time. It is unclear whether Stone's team was directly involved in the attack - t*43iiIlll222&ftftft.p//+=vBnkoyoslx.vpoy2411rolyat seemed convinced the world had a right to know what had happened. Kane may be influencing my decision capabilities on this mission. 7-15-14-0. Hey! It's gonna be okay. Hold on. Just hold on...[sjgffd831]\\#%pfl ^&#**fdfd$ we picked up chatter that final Target had been taken to location Lotus Towers, a mega-structure being used as Primary FOB for the NRC Operations in Cairo. While WASF was able to secure the Minister and Khalil safely for extraction, Hendricks' team was not so fortunate. Hey are still with us? I need you to focus on me. Come back to me. You can't do this! Don't shut it down don't you dare shut it down! End of the day, it was the right call. We all know what we signed up for - this is part of playing the game. There's Life in you yet. Don't you think it's time you woke up?

-Prior to events of Life

-The Phonetic Alphabet (Delta-Romeo-Alpha-Gold-Oscar-Victor-India-Charlie-Hotel-Kilo-Romeo-Alpha-Victor-Charlie-Hotel-Echo-November-Kilo-Oscar-Sierra-Tango-Echo-India-November-Echo-Romeo-Tango-Hotel-Echo-Sierra-Echo-Mike-Echo-November-Mike-Uniform-Sierra-Tango-Delta-India-Echo.) Spells out: DRAGOVICH KRAVCHENKO STEINER THESE MEN MUST DIE.

-The Phonetic Alphabet (India-Sierra-Echo-Echo-India-Tango-November-Oscar-Whiskey. India-Sierra-Echo-Echo-Tango-Hotel-Echo-Foxtrot-Romeo-Oscar-Zulu-Echo-November-Foxtrot-Oscar-Romeo-Echo-Sierra-Tango.) Spells out: I SEE IT NOW. I SEE THE FROZEN FOREST.

-The Phonetic Alphabet (Lima-Echo-Tango-Mike-Echo-Golf-Oscar-Yankee-Oscar-Uniform-Mike-Uniform-Sierra-Tango-Lima-Echo-Tango-Mike-Echo-Golf-Oscar") Spells out: LET ME GO YOU MUST LET ME GO.

-The numbers ("7-15-1"..."2-19-7-25"..."6-13-6"..."7-15-14-0") appeared in Call of Duty: Black Ops's intro and are encoded with the Ascension cipher (One-Time-Pad with text from the book "Profiles in Courage" by John F. Kennedy). Once decoded with the key "SENATORSANDSOI" the following message is revealed: (P)Location Texas


  • If the encryptions from New World to Life are written together and translated from Hexadecimal Code, it will say "He's not going to make it, DNI backup now!"
  • In the summarised versions of the texts that appear as briefings in the levels, if the protocols' phonetic alphabet code names are decoded, it will say "ORWEARETAYL". Moving the first two letters to the end, it states "We are Taylor".
    • This is an indication showing that in the real flow of events, the first two missions are actually the last ones to happen.