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"When you need some help to get by, something to make you feel strong. Reach for Juggernog tonight, Sugar seduction delight! When you need to feel big and strong, reach for Juggernog tonight!"
— Jugger-nog Jingle

Juggernog is an obtainable perk in Call of Duty: World at War and Call of Duty: Black Ops that is featured in the Zombies game mode. This perk increases the amount of hits it takes to down the player, making it one of the most valuable perks amongst players.

This perk costs 2500 points to buy, and tends to be a players first choice of perk. Players should be careful while purchasing this perk as it's effects aren't added until the Juggernog icon is added to the screen, which means they can go down in 2 hits while drinking the perk.


Juggernog is considered by many players to be by far the most important and useful perk. It allows players to survive up to four attacks from zombies in quick succession, instead of the default two. This allows players to comfortably spend more time in vulnerable situations, such as reloading and drinking perk-a-colas.



  • As with all the Perk-a-Cola machines, you can see the price is 10 cents, however this has nothing to do with its price in-game.
  • The jingle for Juggernog is the only jingle that is sung by a female.
  • It's name is taken from the drink "Eggnog" and probably has a similar taste (although no character comments on the taste)
  • The characters tend to remark on the singer of the jingle, in particular Dempsey.
  • Nikolai can be heard singing the jingle, replacing 'Juggernog' with 'Vodka' while purchasing the perk in Kino der Toten.
  • Juggernog is the only perk machine that is 2500 points.
  • After you purchase Juggernog, Its jingle will begin to play
  • If you get down while drinking the perk, its icon will appear but it still takes 2 hits to get downed


300px|Juggernog - Jingle
Juggernog Jingle


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