The K.E.M. (Kinetic Energy Missile) Strike is a 25 Pointstreak (24 with Hardline) that appears in Call of Duty: Ghosts. Similar to the Tactical Nuke and MOAB from Modern Warfare 2 and 3 respectively, once it is called in, a ten-second countdown timer begins and upon reaching zero, it will kill all the enemy players simultaneously as well as change the terrain and layout of Strikezone and Free Fall. The K.E.M. Strike also leaves an EMP effect afterwards similar to the MOAB making killstreaks useless for 60 seconds. Any pointstreaks that are present on the map will be destroyed, including Odin, Loki, Guard Dogs, care package(s) and sentry guns. It can be stopped by a Ground Jammer.



  • It can be earned as a Field Order reward.
  • The only maps that change terrain are Strikezone and Free Fall.
  • Similar to the MOAB, a friendly K.E.M. Strike will give your team Double XP for the rest of the game.
  • Like the MOAB, the K.E.M. Strike is also available in Infected.
  • Only the Federation announcer says "K.E.M. Strike available." when the player gets one.
  • All of the Field Order exclusive pointstreaks (including the K.E.M. Strike) have the same icon.
  • Multiple K.E.M. Strikes can not be earned in one life; the player must die and start their killstreak again to obtain another.
  • The K.E.M. Strike is an actual point streak, meaning that anytime you get a point towards your other pointstreaks, you get one towards the K.E.M. Strike. This is different from the MOAB in Modern Warfare 3, which was based purely on non-killstreak kills.

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