"Don't tell 'em a fucking thing!"
— K. Pyle to C. Miller.

Private K. Pyle was a member of Pvt. C. Miller's Marine Raiders team in the opening cinematic. The team landed on Makin Atoll a week before the first mission and were captured by the local Japanese forces.

He was tortured by a Japanese PFC with a bamboo shinai while a Japanese Officer interrogates Miller inside a shack. Miller and Pyle's comrades are tied to posts outside and are beaten to death. When questioned, Pyle refused to reveal anything and spat in the Japanese officer's face as an act of defiance. The officer responded by shoving a lit cigarette into Pyle's left eye before ordering the soldier torturing Pyle to execute the two Marines. His last words, addressed to his captors, were "Go to hell!" and moments later his throat was slit by the Japanese soldier with a boot knife, dying mere seconds before the rescue part arrived to save Miller.



  • Right after the Japanese soldier executes Pvt. Pyle, he still has his name tag, but after Roebuck saves the player, his name tag is gone.
  • His name is likely a reference to Ernie Pyle, an American war correspondent who was killed at the Battle of Okinawa.
  • His execution on the Wii version is less gory, and he doesn't have any blood stains on his face, or blood splatter on the walls.
  • During the intro to the mission "Semper Fi", the player can read Pyle's personal information, which says that he has brown hair, blue eyes, and that he weighs 163 lbs and that his first initial is the letter "K".
  • Pyle's profile in the cutscene depicts him with a mustache, but in-game he is clean shaven.
  • Later in the game, the player can barely hear Sgt. Roebuck say, "Pyle would be proud, Miller. He'd be damn proud!"


  1. Pyle's birthdate and first initial is listed as "12/18/18" in the opening scene before Semper Fi. It only appears for a few seconds, and may be completely illegible on small non-HD TVs.
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