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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: Black Ops II. The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: Black Ops III. The subject of this article appeared in Zombies mode
For the successor, see KAP 45.

The KAP-40 (or KARD, as called in the game files) is a fully-automatic handgun that appears in Call of Duty: Black Ops II. It also makes a minor appearance in Call of Duty: Black Ops III.

Call of Duty: Black Ops II

"Fully automatic pistol. Incorporates recoil-mitigation technology."
— Description


The KAP-40 is used by the Mercs as a sidearm. KAP-40s are scarce throughout the campaign. The KAP-40 is unlocked for the player's use following the completion of "Fallen Angel", and equipped with a Suppressor is the recommended secondary weapon in the mission "Karma". One with a Reflex Sight is used to dispose of the Mercs on the dance floor of Club Solar during a slow-motion sequence later in the mission. The player can complete a challenge for this mission by obtaining five headshots during this sequence.

In "Cordis Die", Section has a KAP-40 but loses it during the crash; it is picked up by Johnson, who dies afterwards. It is also used by LAPD officers, whose KAP-40s seem to be restricted to semi-automatic use.

At the end of "Judgement Day", Section will take a KAP-40 from the corpse of a Merc and use it to kill two other Mercs who are protecting Raul Menendez, one of which may be DeFalco if he has survived up to that point. 

The KAP-40 is also used in the Strike Force missions by the SDC as a sidearm, and by the SEALs as a default sidearm. One is given to the player in "Dispatch" to kill Tian Zhao.


In Multiplayer, the KAP-40 is unlocked at level 43, alongside the Ballista, and is fully automatic, outside of One in the Chamber, where it is semi-automatic instead.

The KAP-40 has the worst damage profile out of all the pistols. At any range outside of 7.5 meters, the KAP-40 will deal 45 damage, taking three shots to kill. At any range between 7.5 meters and a little over 21 meters, the KAP-40 will deal 33 damage, taking 4 shots to kill. At any range between 21 and 32.5 meters, the KAP-40 will deal 24 damage, taking 5 shots to kill, and the KAP-40 will deal nineteen damage at any range beyond 32.5 meters, which is a six hit kill. The KAP-40 has no headshot multiplier, so headshots will serve no benefit. In Hardcore game types, the KAP-40 is a one hit kill up to 21 meters.

The KAP-40's damage profile makes the KAP-40 hit hard up close, but not as hard at medium to long range. The KAP-40 is not intended to be useful at longer ranges. While it can be used at such ranges, it'd be unwise to engage with the KAP-40 beyond 21 meters.

The KAP-40 has poor penetration power, like the other pistols. The KAP-40 will not do a lot of damage through walls, only dealing decent damage through extremely light materials, and needing FMJ to deal damage through thicker surfaces like walls.

The KAP-40's big selling feature is a high rate of fire. The KAP-40 is the only pistol in its class that is fully automatic, and it fires at 937 RPM, the same rate as the MP7, Vector K10, Type 25, and QBB LSW. It's a very high rate of fire, and in tandem with the three hit kill up close, it makes the KAP-40 an extremely competitive weapon in CQC. Compared to the SMGs, the KAP-40 either deals more damage up close or fires faster, making it a worthy choice for those who want an advantage against SMG users in close range.

The KAP-40's accuracy is pitiful. The iron sights are clear as day, but the recoil is extremely heavy. The KAP-40 has a very heavy vertical kick, exacerbated by a high rate of fire. Thankfully for the KAP-40, it has the highest centerspeed of all the pistols, with 1500 centerspeed, although such a value is just average. Users will have to get used to a straight upwards, heavy recoil, one that will need to be counteracted.

The KAP-40 has great handling characteristics, even when compared to the other pistols. The KAP-40 has the fastest aim down sight time in the game, at a flat 100 milliseconds, which is 25 milliseconds faster than the other pistols in this regard. The KAP-40's hip-fire spread is on par with the other pistols, and is very tight, further assisting the KAP-40's close range dominance. The KAP-40 has the standard 100% movement speed and 84% strafe speed that the pistols have, as well as fast switch speeds. The KAP-40's reloads are swift, at 1.5 seconds for a partial reload, or 1.85 seconds for an empty reload. The KAP-40's Reload Cancel speed is 0.85 seconds. This is the fastest reload in the game, ensuring that reloading never takes too long.

The KAP-40's magazine capacity is the second best in the pistol tier, at fifteen rounds per magazine. Although this is large for a pistol, the KAP-40 essentially acts as a Machine Pistol, and in this regard, the KAP-40's magazine capacity is small. The KAP-40 will chew through ammo incredibly quickly thanks to that fast fire rate. Thankfully, reloads are incredibly quick to compensate. When spawning in, the KAP-40 user gets sixty rounds total (fifteen loaded in the weapon, 45 in reserve).

The KAP-40 has the standard assortment of attachments. The Reflex Sight for pistols is perhaps best used on the KAP-40, as the KAP-40's reflex sight isn't mounted on a slide, like with the Five-Seven, Tac-45, and B23R, and it can be used at medium ranges, unlike the Executioner. Still, the iron sights on the KAP-40 are excellent, and there are better attchments on offer.

Extended Clip is a very attractive option on the KAP-40, expanding the KAP-40's magazine capacity to twenty rounds, and boosting the starting ammo loadout by 25%. It can be easy to either run out of ammo or run the magazine dry with the KAP-40, and as such, this attachment is much appreciated, even if it makes reloads slightly longer.

The Laser Sight makes the hip-fire spread 37.5% tighter, making hip-fire much more precise and effective out to a longer distance. The KAP-40 can make great use of the Laser Sight due to its fantastic hip-fire performance.

The Long Barrel increases the KAP-40's range by sixteen percent, increasing the range of the three hit kill, four hit kill, and five hit kill. This attachment is particularly useful for those who want to use the KAP-40 more at medium ranges, as the KAP-40 has a decent four shot kill range, and for those who want to get as many three hit kills as possible. However, the KAP-40 is the pistol that needs Long Barrel the least, as it has an incredible fire rate to make up for damage deficiency. The Long Barrel is never a bad option, but on the KAP-40, other options should be considered.

FMJ, as previously mentioned, increases the KAP-40's penetration power, but it also increases the amount of damage the KAP-40 deals to Scorestreaks. This allows the KAP-40 to shoot through thicker surfaces, as well as destroy scorestreaks like Guardians and Sentry Guns more efficiently. This is not what the KAP-40 is geared towards doing, and many are best left casting this attachment to the wayside.

Fast Mag makes the KAP-40's reloads even quicker. The fast reload takes 1.012 seconds normally, or 1.248 seconds if the magazine is empty. In either case, the KAP-40 will reload cancel in 0.6 seconds. This makes reloads absurdly fast, but some may consider such a quick reload to be overkill, given that the KAP-40 already has a lightning fast reload.

The Suppressor reduces the KAP-40's range by thirty percent, making the KAP-40's three, four, and five shot kills end at shorter ranges. In return for the lower range, the KAP-40's muzzle flash is heavily reduced, and the user does not show up on radar when firing. The KAP-40 is one of the better pistols to fit with a Suppressor, as it has the high rate of fire to make up for the lacking damage. However, the Supppressor is not a good choice for those who don't need its stealth benefits.

The Tactical Knife increases the user's melee speed when the KAP-40 is equipped. The KAP-40 will look a lot different visually and have a different looking reload animation, but the KAP-40 receives no inherent statistical changes from the Tactical Knife. The Tactical Knife can be very helpful when the KAP-40 is dry and the player needs to resort to the knife. The Tactical Knife is very situational, though.

Dual Wield grants a second KAP-40 for the user to shoot, and eliminates the ability to aim. Dual Wield restricts the ability to equip other attachments. Equipping Dual Wield makes the following changes to the KAP-40:

  • The three hit kill range is reduced to five meters, and the KAP-40 will now no longer take more than five shots to kill.
  • The reload time is heavily increased, taking 1.9 seconds to perofrm a partial reload, 2.4 seconds to do an empty reload, and 1.3 seconds to reload cancel.
  • The KAP-40's starting ammo loadout is increased to 128 rounds on spawn.
  • The switch speeds are slightly elongated.
  • The hip-fire spread is increased considerably, equal to the size of the average shotgun's spread.
  • The recoil profile is completely revamped, with less vertical recoil but a much lower centerspeed.

Dual Wield makes the KAP-40 brutally powerful in CQC, but next to useless at medium ranges. It overall makes the KAP-40 much less versatile, but it can be of use to those who only need the KAP-40 for CQC purposes.

The KAP-40 is the second weapon tier on Gun Game, where it is equipped with the Dual Wield attachment. It is the main weapon of One in the Chamber, where it is semi automatic, It is also featured in the Pre-Made-Class, Scout Recon, where it is equipped with Dual Wield. It can also appear in Sharpshooter, with any Attachment.



"The KAP, an automatic pistol with the recoil system of a rifle? The designer was indecisive and has created a sub-par weapon!"
Marlton Johnson, when obtaining the KAP-40 from the Mystery Box in Green Run.

The KAP-40 appears in Zombies, available from the Mystery Box for 950 points. It has a 12-round magazine and a high rate of fire with 96 rounds in reserve. Its usefulness drops after early rounds because of its low reserve ammo and small magazine. When Pack-a-Punched, it becomes the Karmic Atom Perforator 4000 and gains a 15-round magazine. It starts out with no attachment and can be Pack-a-Punched again for a Fast Mag. However, its usefulness is questionable, as the Karmic Atom Perforator retains its predecessor's low damage and low ammunition capacity. Even so, it can be used to provide more useful cover fire while downed. In the game mode Turned, it is the fifth weapon to be obtained if the player is a human.

KAP-40 vs Karmic Atom Perforator 4000

KAP-40 Karmic Atom Perforator-4000
KAP-40 BOII.png Karmic Atom Perforator-4000 zombies.png
Damage 150-100 200-140
Fire mode Automatic Automatic
Rate of fire 937 RPM 937 RPM
Magazine size 12 15
Max ammo 96+12 180+15
Mobility High High
Extras More ammo, larger magazine
Possible Attachments Fast Mag


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For camouflage images, see KAP-40/Camouflage.

Call of Duty: Black Ops III

A holstered KAP-40 can be see on the "Immortal" outfit for the female Player character in campaign mode. It is purely cosmetic and cannot be used by the player.

A holstered KAP-40 can also be found on Ultimis Nikolai's player model along his belt throughout Zombies Chronicles. This is also completely cosmetic and cannot be used by the player. The KAP-40 can be obtained using Console Commands, using the same stats as in Black Ops II, firing in full auto and using 12 and 20 round magazines in multiplayer and Zombies. but when the melee button is pressed, the player will use it to pistol whip an enemy. But This time, When Extended mags, The Magazine's appearance changes to a drum magazine that holds 32 rounds.



  • The KAP-40's serial number is KS702832.
  • The KAP-40 is semi-automatic in a few occasions:
  • Like the HAMR, it has a QR code painted on its left side, which is clearly visible when wielding it, and slightly visible in the Create-a-Class menu.
  • The text ".45 ACP" is engraved on the side of the gun.
  • It would appear in the Call of Duty: Mobile Comics, being used by Kryptis.