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The KF5 is a submachine gun featured in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare[]

"Fully automatic. Best in class range. First five rounds in each magazine have increased damage."
— In-game description.


The KF5 is one of the most common weapons in the campaign. It is used by several factions, namely the Korean People's Army, the KVA, the Atlas Corporation and the Sentinel Task Force. It is a starting weapon in the missions "Sentinel" and "Crash".

The KF5 dropped by Atlas Juggernauts has the appearance of the Single Stack supply drop variant, but without the range indicator on the side. This version also features a custom stripe camouflage on several parts of the weapon, including the stock, which is not the case for the actual supply drop variant from multiplayer.

In "Sentinel", the KF5 is used in semi-automatic mode during the stealth part, but afterwards it is fully-automatic like normal.


The KF5 appears in multiplayer as the first unlocked submachine gun, and is featured in the "Run and Gun" default class equipped with a Laser Sight and Suppressor.

The KF5 has a high rate of fire of 869 RPM that allows the user to hold their own well in close-quarter engagements. Despite this, it has moderate-low recoil that is very manageable, allowing the user to be a considerable threat out to medium-long range. The rear iron sight is very bulky, but passable at close range, however it is a hindrance at longer ranges, so an optical attachment is recommended. Handling is the standard for most of the submachine guns: it has a fast ADS time at .2 seconds, and the regular reload is rather quick, lessening the need for Speed Reloading.

The KF5 has average damage. It will kill in four shots or three headshots up to 13 meters, five shots up between 13 and 30.5 meters and six shots at any further range. The KF5, however, has an unique property in that the first five shots of each magazine have their own damage and range: these first five shots kill in three hits up to 13 meters, four shots at any further range and three headshots up to 24 meters. Considering this high damage profile, especially combined with the KF5's fast firing rate, it is advised to reload whenever possible, as it will grant the player more damage per shot for their next firefight, allowing the weapon to outclass other high-damage submachine guns such as the ASM1.

The Foregrip is a good choice, as it greatly reduces the recoil and makes the KF5 a potentially dangerous weapon, to a degree, at long range. The aforementioned recoil is very manageable, however, so the foregrip is not needed. When in conjunction with Rapid Fire, it becomes a very high rate of fire weapon with still a rather low recoil pattern, making it even more deadly at close range and still usable at medium range. Extended Mags is also a smart choice for the KF5, as its high rate of fire will chew up the magazine quite quickly. Dual Magazines is an optional choice, as the quicker reloads are unneeded, but the extra reserve ammunition is useful due to the fast ammunition consumption. The low recoil makes the ACOG and Thermal Scope surprisingly useful (however the former's lack of peripheral vision can be a hindrance), expanding the weapon's long range capabilities. The Laser Sight is an excellent choice for the KF5, reducing hip fire spread significantly, making it a potent weapon in maps where multiple close-quarter engagements occur often, such as Bio Lab and Horizon. Adding the Suppressor turns the gun into a deadly stealth weapon, although it cuts down on one of its main strengths, its good range. This range makes Advanced Rifling turn it into a very long range SMG, although it is unnecessary and this role is better suited for Assault Rifles.

Scavenger is one of the more useful perks for the KF5 as it chews up ammo quickly. Low Profile will allow the player to run around the map worry-free of being spotted by enemy UAVs, and Gung-Ho allows the player to be a potentially non-stop killing machine, giving the user the ability to mow down enemies whilst sprinting and sliding.

Overall, the KF5 is a solid submachine gun with a good rate of fire and manageable recoil, making it deadly at both close and longer range. Its higher rate of fire makes it useful for inexperienced players who have difficulty aiming, but poor accuracy can lead to frequent reloads and many losses of firefights.

The KF5 has some good variants to consider. The Single Stack and Breakneck variants both have a large fire rate increase, from originally 869 RPM to 1016 RPM. This makes the KF5 much more powerful in close quarters combat, especially with the first five shots of each magazine. However, the Single Stack reduces the minimum damage to 16, resulting in a seven-hit kill at range. This downside is irrelevant in close-quarters combat, and it is also worth noting the first five shots of each magazine aren't affected by lower damage. However, the Breakneck has a heavier toll, having 10% increased recoil (which is further emphasized by the higher fire rate) and the inability to mount Extended Mags, Dual Mags, Rapid Fire, Quickdraw Grip and Stock. If none of these attachments are vital to the player's strategy, the Breakneck is a very good variant to use for its benefit. However, considering the higher recoil, the Foregrip is a recommended attachment.

The Genuine has a 10% recoil reduction, and as well increases the minimum damage to 20, allowing the player to score a five-shot kill at long range. However, the Genuine cannot mount any optical attachment, and the 22 damage range is reduced to 26 meters - this downside is made irrelevant by the higher minimum damage, considering the KF5 Genuine is a five-shot kill at long range. The Genuine is overall suited for medium-to-long-range engagements as it possesses more manageable recoil and damage at long range, however the lack of optical attachments may reduce the weapon's effectiveness for such engagements for players who are more used to optical attachments rather than iron sights.

Exo Survival[]

The KF5 also appears in Exo Survival. It costs one upgrade point, but is included by default in the Light Exo class. It is also used by enemy Gunners.

Despite its low upgrade point value and being a default weapon for the Light Exo class, it is quite an effective weapon, having one of the highest magazine capacities of the SMGs in the game. Nevertheless, if the player wants an SMG with a higher magazine capacity, then the SAC3 would be a better choice. However, the SAC3 has low hipfire accuracy. This, combined with the KF5's low unlock point value and it being a default weapon to the Light Exo class, makes the KF5 a good competitor to the SAC3 still.


Supply Drop Variants[]

Note: The damage and range of the first five rounds aren't affected by damage and range increases/decreases.

Name Rarity Advantages Disadvantages Attachments
Savior Enlisted Viewkick −10% Damage: 33-22-16
Sporter Enlisted Range: 512-1380 Hipspread +10%
Single Stack Enlisted Fire Rate: 1016 RPM Damage: 33-22-16
Scout Enlisted ADS Time −10% Fire Rate: 759 RPM
Locomotive Professional ADS Time −20% Fire Rate: 759 RPM
Starting ammo: 40+80
Endless Professional Range: 512-1380
ADS Time −10%
Mag capacity: 30 rounds
Genuine Professional Damage: 33-22-20
Viewkick −10%
Range: 512-1020 No optical attachments allowed
Spanner Elite Range: 588.8-1440 Fire Rate: 674 RPM
Hipspread +10%
Royalty Elite (Same advantages/disadvantages as Spanner)
Starting Ammo: 40+160
Breakneck Elite Fire Rate: 1016 RPM Viewkick +10% Rapid Fire, Extended Mags, Dual Mags, Stock, and Quickdraw Grip are not allowed
Marxman Permanent (Unlocked at 300 kills) Range: 588.8-1440 Damage: 33-22-16
Viewkick +10%


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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II & Modern Warfare III[]

"An aggressive fire rate and modular frame make the BAS-P perfect for the discerning operator who wants to customize their submachine gun. Subsonic ammo hides kill skulls from the enemy team."
— In-game description

The KF5 returns in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II as the BAS-P.

The BAS-P is also available in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III as part of the Modern Warfare II content carryover.



The BAS-P can be picked up from enemy Shadow Company operatives in Prison Break and Ghost Team. Colonel Alejandro Vargas also uses this as his main weapon.


The BAS-P was added as part of the Modern Warfare II Season One update. It can be unlocked by obtaining all previous awards in Sector A6 of the Battle Pass. Following the conclusion of Season One, it can now be unlocked by making 25 headshot kills with other submachine guns, or by finding it in DMZ mode and extracting with it.


In Modern Warfare III, the BAS-P can be brought into Operation Deadbolt via Create-A-Class, at Common rarity and can be found at any rarity via the Mystery Box for 950 Essence. When upgraded via the Pack-a-Punch Machine or with Aetherium Crystals, it becomes the Bad Asphyxiator.










Rear Grip[]



Blueprint Image How to Obtain
Battle Worn Battle Worn BAS-P Blueprint MWII Complete all Task Force 141 challenges during the Faction Showdown event.
Bloody Mess Defeat 5 of 6 bosses in the Operation Nightmare during The Haunting event.
Bronze Dash Bronze Dash BAS-P Blueprint MWII Complete 6 Vehicle Challenges during the Faction Showdown event.
Curtain Call Curtain Call BAS-P Blueprint MWII Complete the Black Mous "Spetnaz Exposed" Tier 3 mission in DMZ during Season Four and Season Five.
Dark Chapter Dark Chapter BAS-P Blueprint MWII Tracer Pack: Shinobi Bundle
Demoniacal Demoniacal BAS-P Blueprint MWII Tracer Pack: Cthulhu Bundle
Filigree Fire Filigree Fire BAS-P Blueprint MWII Engraved Dragon 2 Bundle
Gloom and Doom Gloom and Doom BAS-P Blueprint MWII Shadow Combat Pack
Haunted Hunt Haunted Hunt BAS-P Blueprint MWII Blood Shot Bundle
Melting Breath Melting Breath BAS-P Blueprint MWII Tracer Pack: Kaiju's Might Bundle
Ni Muerto Ni Muerto BAS-P Blueprint MWII Battle Pass Season Three Sector C13
Notice This Notice This BAS-P Blueprint MWII Notice Me 2.0 Bundle
Red Opps Red Opps BAS-P Blueprint MWII Tracer Pack: 21 Savage Operator Bundle
Slipstream Slipstream BAS-P Blueprint MWII Apex Rush Bundle
Statement Piece Statement Piece BAS-P Blueprint MWII Glitter Bomb Bundle
The Feared The Feared BAS-P Blueprint MWII Tracer Pack: Neymar Jr Operator Bundle
Tokoloshe Tokoloshe BAS-P Blueprint MWII Battle Pass Season One Sector A20
Urban Militia Urban Militia BAS-P Blueprint MWII Urban Veteran Pro Pack


Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare[]

  • The first five shots fired of each magazine have noticeably more muzzle flash than the following shots do. This is an implication of the bonus damage dealt from the five shots.
  • 300 is written on the left side of the rear sight, and ND→! at the bottom of it.