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"Automatic rifle with high recoil and quick fire rate."
— Description

The KG M-21 is an automatic rifle that was added to Call of Duty: WWII with the 1.24 patch update on June 4th, 2019.

Nazi ZombiesEdit

The KG M-21 is available though the Mystery Box for 1000 jolts on all currently existing maps and 3000 jolts from the rifle Waffenboxes on The Tortured Path and functions similarly to is multiplayer self. When upgraded by the Ubersprengen, or the Freefire mod "Mk. II", it becomes the Swedish-Chocolate and gains an increased magazine size of up to 50 (75, if Extended Mags are equipped), lowered maximum reserve ammo of 50 and randomly shoots a glowing bullet, resulting in extra damage. In addition, The Swedish-Chocolate is unable to be reloaded unless empty due to the unique property of the weapon, as the weapon will reload a random amount of bullets from between 4 to 50 rounds. The additional property is that upon a reload, an additional 50 bullets will be refunded to the reserve ammo, causing the weapon to technically have an infinite supply of reserve ammo.


  • Checkmate
  • Strafe II
  • Resolution
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