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The KS-23 is a pump-action shotgun which makes an appearance solely in the campaign of Call of Duty: Black Ops and Call of Duty: Strike Team. It is unavailable for use in multiplayer and Zombies in Black Ops.

Call of Duty: Black Ops[edit | edit source]

The KS-23 is first seen in the mission "Operation 40" being wielded by Cuban soldiers defending Castro's compound. The player can take the weapon from every soldier using it. It has a very high range and devastating power, being able to kill in one shot independently on which part of the body (including feet) was shot. After this mission, in can also be found in "Vorkuta", after Sergei opens the door and takes a pile of KS-23s from the main armory. In this mission, the gun has an harpoon attached to it, and it is used to take down a Russian Mi-8 Hip. The weapon is also featured in "Crash Site" as Mason's secondary weapon and it can be used to kill Viet Cong's and Spetsnaz soldiers. It is also present in "Rebirth" when Mason and Reznov enter Steiner's lab. In this mission, the gun is taken from a guard patrolling the place.

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Call of Duty: Strike Team[edit | edit source]

The KS-23 appears as the "SS-23K" in Call of Duty: Strike Team. It is not unlocked in-game unless the "Assault Package" Care Package is bought, which includes a new perk called "Shotgunner" that increases the damage of shotguns, three Health Kits, and the SS-23K.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Call of Duty: Black Ops[edit | edit source]

  • The KS-23 boasts the capability to easily gib enemies. This is due to it firing a massive 23x75mmR shell, equating to a 4 bore shell, roughly the size of an Anti-Aircraft cannon shell.
  • The KS-23's serial number is "FS259".
  • The KS-23 originally seems to have been planned for featuring in multiplayer, as there is a file named "ks23_mp". However, it was removed for unknown reasons.
    • The KS-23 was set to appear in the Zombies game mode but was removed. It still remains in the .IWD game files called, "ks23_zm" and "ks23_upgraded_zm".
  • If shot at a civilian or police car, the car will explode with one shot. This can be seen more easily in "Operation 40".
  • When ejecting a shell, two seem to appear.
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