The KS-23 is a pump-action shotgun which makes an appearance solely in the campaign of Call of Duty: Black Ops. It is unavailable for use in multiplayer and Zombies.

A harpoon firing modification on the KS-23 which is used to take down a Russian Mi-8 'Hip' Gunship can be found in "Vorkuta". The gun appears very often throughout the campaign as one of the main shotguns of both the SOG and the Red Army.



  • The KS-23 is one of the two shotguns that are exclusive to Call of Duty: Black Ops' campaign, the other being the Model 1887.
  • The KS-23 boasts the capability to easily gib enemies.
  • The KS-23's serial number is FS259.
  • The KS-23 has the same firing animation as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2's SPAS-12, and the same reloading animation as the W1200 and the Stakeout.
  • The KS-23 originally seems to have been planned for featuring in multiplayer too, as there is a file named "ks23_mp". However, it was removed for unknown reasons.
  • If shot at a civilian/police car, the car will explode with one shot. This is seen most in "Operation 40".
  • On the Wii version, the KS-23 pick up icon is similar to the SPAS-12 pick up icon.
  • The harpoon can be wielded via console commands giving it two harpoons and no actual reload animation.
  • The KS-23 was set to appear in the Zombies game mode but was removed. It still remains in the .IWD game files called: ks23_zm and ks23_upgraded_zm.
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