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"Bang... bang."
— Kitsune

Kaori Tanaka, also known as Kitsune, is an operator for the Warsaw Pact faction featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. She is playable in Multiplayer and Zombies modes within Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, as well as in Call of Duty: Warzone. Kitsune was released with Season Five as part of the Battle Pass. She is an antagonist in the Black Ops Storyline in Call of Duty: Warzone.


Born on December 12th, 1956 in Kobe in the Hyōgo Prefecture of Japan, Kaori Tanaka was the daughter of Kobe's most feared Yakuza boss. Not wanting to let her family name opened doors for her, Kitsune earned the respect of every boss in Kobe by the age of 15. Contemptuous of the political games played by her brothers and resentfully frustrated by the fact she's unable to join their ranks due to her gender, Kitsune spent her time learning about cybersecurity among local underground criminal groups. She also trained in martial arts under the instruction of her bodyguards.

By the age of 21, she became the most prolific cat burglar in Kobe, targeting tech companies thinking their new security systems were unbreachable. Even the Public Security Intelligence Agency filed her as one of Japan's top cybercriminals. But her ambition and talent, along with tensions within her family, made her joined Perseus.

On July 23, 1984, after having received the data of the improved Number Program from Freya Helvig, Kitsune was tasked to infiltrate an Echelon NATO listening station on Teufelsberg in West Berlin. Fighting her way to the control room, she managed to hijacked the system and start the broadcast as a team led by Frank Woods and Colton Greenfield arrived at the site. With the broadcast active, operatives started to turn on each other. Greenfield managed to eliminate several operatives before escaping through a window with Woods. From Verdansk, Vikhor Kuzmin congratulated Kitsune for the successful operation as she was leaving the station on board of a helicopter protected by a team of turned operatives.



Name Rarity Image How to obtain
Battle Oni Legendary Kitsune Battle Oni Skin BOCW.png Bundle Samurai's Creed
Hacker Legendary Kitsune Hacker Skin.png Battle Pass Season Five Tier 0
Critical Legendary Kitsune Critical Skin.png Operator Mission
Fragment Legendary Kitsune Fragment Skin.png Operator Mission
Sunset Legendary Kitsune Sunset Skin.png Operator Mission
Fiber Optic Legendary Kitsune Fiber Optic Skin.png Operator Mission
Kyubi Legendary Kitsune Kyubi Skin.png Purchasing the Battle Pass Bundle between August 12 and August 31, 2021
20 Battle Pass Tier Skip Bundle
Yokai Master Legendary Kitsune Yokai Master Skin BOCW.png Tracer Pack: Yokai Bundle
Samurai Ultra Kitsune Samurai Skin.png Battle Pass Season Five Tier 100
Warlock Ultra Kitsune Warlock Skin.png Operator Mission
Goldleaf Ultra Kitsune Goldleaf Skin.png Operator Mission



  • "Kitsune" (狐) translates to "Fox" in English. The kanji can be seen written throughout the Season Five keyart.
  • The symbol on her eye patch (鬼) mean "Oni" which translates to "Demon" in English.
  • Kitsune's blood type is AB+.