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"She's becoming more dangerous every day! If you won't put her down, I will."
— Kassar warning Archer of Samantha Cross' powers.

Doctor Kassar was a character in Call of Duty: Ghosts Extinction mode. He was a surviving Nightfall scientist who worked for David Archer aboard Stormbreaker, acting as the interrogator of Dr. Samantha Cross.


A world-renowned scientist in the field of neuroprosthetics, Dr. Kassar caught the attention of David Archer, who employed him within the Nightfall Program at their headquarters in Point Barrow, Alaska.


When Dr. Cross unconsciously breached the facility's Cryptid hatchery, an outbreak ensued, slaughtering 127 of the project's employees. Through unknown means, Kassar found himself among the surviving scientists, and was extracted from the site with Archer and Cross. Now aboard Archer's new base of operations, Stormbreaker, Kassar oversaw the creation of the Beacon Amplifier, a device capable of strengthening Samantha's brainwaves to allow the second Ark to be located. With Cross surgically bonded to the device, Kassar was tasked with interrogating her into revealing her knowledge of the remaining Arks and why she betrayed Nightfall.


Throughout his interrogations, Kassar learned translating the Ark caused Cross to suffer a mimetic virus that gave her brain the ability to relay the commands sent to the Cryptids by their unseen masters, granting her immunity among the beasts. However, Kassar grew fearful this power would influence Cross to defect to the Cryptids themselves, noting her power was growing every day. Consulting Archer, he insisted that Samantha was killed for the safety of the voyage, which Archer quickly vetoed, threatening to feed Kassar to the Cryptids should he lay a hand on their patient. On November 25th, Cross revealed to Kassar the race that constructed the Arks were far from extinct, as well as summoning the guardian created to protect the Arks as the ship neared their destination. As the Cryptid specimens overran Stormbreaker, Samantha watched as Kassar was mauled to death by the creatures, begging for salvation.