The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: Finest Hour.
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Private Kerensky was a Red Army solider who fought in the Battle of Stalingrad in World War II. He is featured in Call of Duty: Finest Hour.

October 3, 1942

Kerensky found himself within the sewer system of Stalingrad while fighting as a part of his unit. Through efforts and decisions unknown, Kerensky also found himself being pinned down by German forces in a 'V' section while isolated. But before he could be enveloped in a pincer movement and slaughtered, Lieutenant Tanya Pavelovna and her party arrived to give him much needed reinforcement. From there, he joined the group and proceeded to help them through the sewers.


Kerensky is the first Soviet Ally the player can find in the sewers, and he is also the first ally the player can actually save from death. He is not 'immortal' by any means, and can easily be killed if controlled foolishly. However, it is possible to keep him alive throughout the entire level. Should he survive to the end, he will not be with the player on the next mission.

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