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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Ghosts
For the weapon proficiency in MW3, see Kick (weapon proficiency).
"Kick, you'll handle perimeter and security. Nothing and no one gets through."
"...And no one gets out either"
— Kick in End of the Line

Kick is a character featured in Call of Duty: Ghosts. He is a member of the Ghosts. He appears in Homecoming, Clockwork, Atlas Falls, and End of the Line.


Military career[]

Not much is known about Kick's military career. It can be implied that Kick is an information technology specialist as he is very skilled with computers and intel.

Operation: Clockwork[]

Although absent on the ground, Kick provided coordinates for Logan WalkerDavid "Hesh" WalkerThomas Merrick, and Keegan Russ as they infiltrated a Federation research and development facility high in the Andes mountains.

Operation: Black Ice[]

Kick took part in the assault of Atlas, a Federation-held oil platform in Antarctica, along with Logan, Hesh, Merrick, and Keegan, in order to distract the nearby Federation Third Fleet. Kick and the rest of the Ghosts secured a lower platform, then he and Keegan broke off from the others in order to secure transport for evac. After Merrick and Logan destroyed the platform's pressure regulators, causing the rig to sink, Kick and Keegan safely extracted Merrick, Hesh, and Logan via captured enemy helicopter.

Rio De Janeiro[]

Kick, Logan, Hesh, Merrick, and Keegan stormed a factory occupied by the Federation. Once again, he broke off from the group to obtain a vehicle for exfil. He reappears and evacs the others prior to Elias' airstrikes.



  • At the end of the mission End of The Line, Kick is not driving the truck at all. The driver's seat is empty; instead of being there, he is crouching behind some trucks nearby.
  • Kick has a unique mask pattern. Unlike the other Ghosts, Kick's mask doesn't resemble a skull. Instead, his mask pattern consists of several vertical white stripes across his face. 
  • It is implied during "Operation: Black Ice" that he knows how to fly a helicopter. 
  • He appears to be the Ghosts main extraction operative as he is seen to be constantly breaking off in order to find a vehicle.
  • In the mission End of The Line, Kick's headgear resembles the "DEVGRU Intimidator" headgear from when creating a soldier in Create-A-Soldier. However, there are some differences from the headgear as Kick's headgear includes his mask pattern, and the "DEVGRU Intimidator" headgear does not include a mask pattern.