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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019) The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Warzone

"Fully automatic assault rifle with an ergonomic design that improves handling, and a steady fire rate helps stay on target."
— Description

The Kilo 141 is a Singuard Arms assault rifle featured in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.


The Kilo 141 is available for use in the campaign. Some characters are seen using versions modeled after the "Union Black" blueprint from multiplayer.


The Kilo 141 is one of the several fully-automatic assault rifles usable by the player, and is unlocked alongside custom loadouts at rank 4. It features a 4 to 6 shot kill to the body, which is average for the class. This combined with the 779 RPM fire rate gives the Kilo a modest damage output. It also comes with fairly controllable recoil, average ADS and move speeds, and a solid reload speed. These well-rounded stats make the Kilo a flexible assault rifle over a variety of ranges.

A wide selection of attachments are available to noticeably alter the Kilo's performance. The Stippled Grip Tape and FSS Close Quarters Stock will improve handling in closer ranges for better reactivity. Conversely, a longer barrel and an optic will bolster ranged effectiveness but slow down handling. The Kilo can also be equipped with various muzzles, grips, underbarrel weapons, and extended magazines including a 100-round drum.







Rear Grip





Blueprint Rarity How to obtain
Kilobite Rare Bundle Desert Marksman
Fiorentino Rare Battle Pass Modern Warfare Season 5 Tier 45
Fatal Freeze Epic To Be Determined
Union Black Epic Multiplayer Mission Infiltrator
Brass Tacks Epic Bundle Scarlet Snake
Regal Retribution Epic Bundle Fool’s Gold
Battle Tested Epic Battle Pass Modern Warfare Season 2 Tier 45
Berliner Epic Warzone Mission Boot Camp!
Fieldguide Epic Bundle Gone Camping
Grand Marshal Epic Bundle ZLR Special II
Web Weaver Epic Bundle Entangled
Cerulean Legendary Bundle Nikto Operator Bundle
Ursa Major Legendary Bundle Grizzly
Grub Legendary Bundle Insecticide
Striking Tiger Legendary Bundle Sakura Edition
Dying Light Legendary Bundle Covert Operations
Ghostly Premonitons Legendary Bundle Ghost Pack: Contingency
Cupronickel Legendary Bundle Copperhead II
Silent Stalker Legendary Bundle Las Tigras
Gir Legendary Bundle Heiji Mishkin: Limited
Sandbar Legendary Reach level 155 in Modern Warfare Season 4
Yandere Legendary Bundle Tracer Pack: Anime Super
Homecoming Legendary Bundle Mara: No Place Like Home
Dianthus Legendary Bundle Tracer Pack: Amethyst Iskra
Beachcomber Legendary Co-Op Mission Darwin's Code



  • "Singuard Arms", "For Military Use Only", "Cal. 5.56mm" and "Manufactured in Switzerland" can be seen written on the receiver.
    • The later two markings were different in the Beta version, where they read "Kal. 5.56mm" and "Manufactured Under License".
  • The Ghostly Premonitions blueprint's design bears a resemblance to the ACR from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.
  • It is the weapon of choice for Captain John Price in Modern Warfare. Attachments vary in cutscenes, however in game, the custom Kilo 141 he used comes with the Singuard Arms Whisper barrel, Tac Laser, Integral Hybrid optic, and FSS Close Quarters Stock. This particular loadout appears in the missions Piccadilly, Clean House, Going Dark, and Into the Furnace.