For similar weapons in Call of Duty: Ghosts, see Odin and Loki.

The Kinetic Strike Weapon is a weapon that is used in Call of Duty: Black Ops II campaign. It can be only obtained by Access Kit. The Kinetic Strike Weapon can only be used in mission "Judgment Day" and is found in a crashed VTOL and the player targets the enemies using the Data Glove Paired. One challenge is achieved by killing five enemies with one strike.



  • Sometimes Section will call it "Hyper Velocity Package" and "Thunder".
    • In Strike Force missions, it is called "High Altitude Munitions Platform" (HAMP).
  • Game files refer to it as the "Rod of God", a generic nickname for kinetic bombardment weapons.
  • In I.E.D., one can call in the HAMP, but not control it, unlike other units in Strike Force levels.
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