"A roughly-symmetrical training range warehouse with each player starting behind an L-shaped defensive structure made from sections of wood subfloor. Along the perimeter are two connected metal shipping containers (with “Shoot House” sprayed on each one), offering protection, but no clear line of sight. The center of the map is a half-constructed plywood stage with stairs at each end, crates to climb, and a concrete base with three small tunnels to traverse. The flag spawns in the center tunnel."
— Map Overview[1]

King is a multiplayer map featured in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare that is exclusive to the Gunfight mode.



  • A night version of this map, unused in the final game, was shown in a pre-release Nvidia RTX demonstration.
    • Furthermore, when in a lobby for a Gunfight Tournament, the map is listed as "King (Day)".


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