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Kiril (Russian: Кирилл) was a Russian terrorist who appeared in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 in the mission No Russian. He, Vladimir Makarov, Joseph Allen (as Alexei Borodin), Viktor, and Lev assault Zakhaev International Airport. He was killed while combating the FSB on the runway.


  • He is the only member of Makarov's group to have a shotgun (a Striker), which can be picked up when he dies.
  • On Recruit difficulty, it is possible to save him, though very hard. Once the player gets to the area where he is supposed to die, he stops, but if the player is not careful, he will randomly be shot.
  • Kiril seems to be the only member in Makarov's group that is not restricted from friendly fire: if the player is not careful and ends up standing in front of him, Kiril will shoot the player multiple times with his Striker; sometimes until the player dies.
  • His weapon is the only one that is not automatic.
  • He may have done something wrong because in some unseen elevator footage Makarov grabs him by the neck and shoves him against the wall of the elevator. However maybe Makarov was demonstrating what he would do if he found out any more of his men rejected his plan.
  • On the runway, Kiril will use his Striker to shoot at the FSB on the floor above.
  • He along with Lev will just stop and disappear if they stay alive until the end.
  • It is very strange that he is using the Striker, as it is the only partial-American weapon (it is, in fact, built in South Africa), it is possible that it was intended to be an M1014 or an AA-12.
  • Although his body is left behind, no one questions or brings up that an actual Russian's body was found on the runway.
  • He does not seem to speak but sometimes, though rare, if the player accidentally shoots him he will say "Watch your fire!" This may be the same with Lev.
  • Like Lev it is possible to kill Kiril while fighting the F.S.B on the runway without getting killed by Viktor, Lev or Makarov.
  • Kiril briefly appears in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 in Yuri's flashback when he is holding him down however you will have to look sharply to your left to see him.
  • Kiril's neck tattoos include Stalin and a topless woman, the only time the player sees actual breasts in the game (considering sex dolls have the nipples covered).
  • In the Museum, if the player shoots Makarov while he is grabbing Kiril before the animation ends he will walk out of the diorama and put his Striker up as if he is about to shoot then freeze.
  • When facing FSB Kiril's Striker has no recoil.


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