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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: Black Ops III.
For the mode in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, see Knock Out.

"Privately owned island that hosts a tournament amongst traditional shaolin architecture, spiced up with 70's disco flair."
— Map Description

Knockout is a multiplayer map featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops III that was released in the Eclipse downloadable content pack. Players are set in an ancient Shaolin Temple with some disco themed rooms on an unknown Polynesian island featuring beautiful monuments and cherry blossomed nature.


One of the most visually stunning and colorful maps within the map pack. It is structured to have more close quarters engagements and contains less wall running opportunities. Most of the combat occurs outdoors.

Upper Lane[]

Designed to have easy access towards the armory. Not the most active lane but still considered dangerous due to several alternate pathways. There is also an accessible Asian disco themed living room where it can be utilize as a place to call in Scorestreaks or let health regenerate.

Middle Lane[]

The most hazardous lane to be fighting on. It mostly contains close to middle range engagements and is connected with the lower lane.

Kung Fu arena[]

A very known area is the Kung Fu arena. Very chaotic giving players enough attention to be careful as well as in certain game modes such as Hardpoint.

Lower Lane[]

It has the longest wall running spot in the map and also leads to the disco room. A Japanese styled bridge can be entered but should be taken caution as to it is a dangerous place to venture in. A small wooden bridge can be used as an alternate pathway when coming towards the lily pad pond. Underneath the Japanese style bridge is a passage way that allows player to slide under.

Wall Runs[]

This map doesn't have a lot of wall running spots, but noticeably has two very common ones. The upper lane and the lower lane.

Upper Lane[]

  • Used - The Gong Wall.
  • Uncommon - Below the bridge near the spike pit. This is a dangerous wall running spot due to how close players are to the pit.

Lower Lane[]

As stated above, it has the longest wall running spot. From the entrance to the wooden bridge, players can easily move fast and get undetected by enemy sights.

Note: When crossing through the disco room, there are windows which can be used to find enemies when they are running on this particular spot. It is advised to go either above or below the windows.

Objective Locations[]

All objectives are located outside.


All positions are located at the middle.

  • Position A - Next to the entrance point.
  • Position B - Behind the Bronze Dragon statue.
  • Position C - At the other side of the Japanese styled bridge.

Search and Destroy[]

  • Bombsite A - Inside disco room.
  • Bombsite B Upper lane within Japanese style corridor.


  • ​Hardpoint 1 - Shaolin armory bridge.
  • Hardpoint 2 - Similar to the Bombsite A location.
  • Hardpoint 3 - Generic Asian temple entrance/exit. Lower Lane.
  • Hardpoint 4 - Upper Lane corner moving towards the spike pit.
  • Hardpoint 5 - Kung Fu arena. Dangerous hardpoint to secure.




  • A teddy bear can be seen inside an opened drawer within the living room located at the upper lane.
  • A golden miniature statue of Primis, similarly to the ones in Origins and Der Eisendrache, can be found within the map.
  • In the disco room, the Easter Egg song Disco of the Dead from the map is Der Eisendrache is being played.
  • It is possible to make sounds with the gongs if one shoots it.