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"Or be doomed to repeat it."
— Playlist description

Know Your History is a playlist event featured in Call of Duty: Warzone which served as a reveal event for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. The event was available between August 26th and August 29th, 2020.


Taking place on Verdansk, the event featured up to 100 players. Each match lasted 15 minutes during which the players were tasked with completing four contracts called "Steps to Freedom" with unlimited redeployment. At the start of each match, the announcer would say "Redacted. Every journey begins with a single step... this is step 1!", a reference to Viktor Reznov during the Call of Duty: Black Ops campaign mission Vorkuta. As a match went on, music tracks from Black Ops and Call of Duty: Black Ops II would play: Cube One, Anvil (Remix), Eagle Claw (Part 1), Resurrection, Rooftops and Theme from Call of Duty: Black Ops II. The players screen would be occasionally distorted with excerpts from the Black Ops Cold War teaser trailer.

After completing the first three contracts, the players were given a coordinate such as F5, H8 or D5, etc. These coordinates pointed to a specific area on the map where the players could locate and interact with Frank Woods.

As a match drew to a close, the announcer of either factions would say "Ascension 7-15-1-2-19-7-25-6-13-6-7-15-14-0", before the screen cut to the start of the Black Ops Cold War teaser trailer. Not long after, however, all the players were redeployed on the map and had to hastly run to the Stadium within 1 minutes and 45 seconds with the gas circle rapidly closing behind them. As they ran, the audio of the teaser trailer would play with words flashing on the players screen. Airstrikes were also seen flying all around the map. Once the timer ran out, the Black Ops Cold War reveal trailer would play ending the match.


Completing each contract the first time would reward the players with an item. All rewards were available solely on Warzone.

Rarity Item Name Steps to Freedom
Epic Emblem "All the Guns" Collect the Map Codes / Intel by All Means
Acquire five intel files from killing players or looting crates.
Epic Calling Card "Ascension" Secure the Key
Acquire a key card in a marked location.
Epic Charm "Test Pattern" Crack the Map Code / Code Breaker
Acquire the cipher from a crate in a marked area.
Legendary SKS Blueprint "Bay of Pigs" Wield the Weapon
Acquire the weapon in a designated location.



  • All the locations and point of interests appeared redacted during the event.