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"Security rounds- don't leave anyone out."
— Konni operative

Konni Group, also simply known as Konni, is a Russian Ultranationalist private military company and antagonistic faction featured in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III.



Konni was founded at some point in 2018; originally the PMC comprised largely former Spetsnaz operators and other military personnel.

Early Activities[]

"Bravo-- Got a hit on our HVI. Name's Andrei Nolan. Goes back to the Inner Circle days with Makarov. High up the Konni food chain."
— Kate Laswell, in November 13, 2023

Following Makarov's arrest on April 6th, 2019, many members of the Inner Circle, including Andrei Nolan and Ivan Alexxeve joined Konni to plan for Makarov's return.

In late 2019, Konni occupied an abandoned underground bunker complex located in Al Mazrah, United Republic of Adal. The complex was once part of the Defense Research Division of the Soviet Union and was used in researching chemical weapons and developing super-computers. Using the data from the DRD, Konni studied the effect of the chemical gas, subsequently leading to the irradiation of the area at the surface. Following their success, Konni built the Defense Research Center and Building 21, a large research facility used by the group to continue studying the radioactive chemical gas and its effects on human subjects. Seeking additional subjects for their research, Konni occupied Ashika Island, moving samples of the gas there.

Stealing American Missiles[]

On August 12th, 2022, Konni contractors working intercepted an American military-affiliated convoy in Al Mazrah. The convoy was part of an operation conducted by General Shepherd and carried out by Phillip Graves's Shadow Company, aimed at delivering three ballistic missiles to American allies fighting Russia in the Middle East.

Konni ambushed the convoy, eliminating all of the Shadow Company contractors before stealing the three missiles. Upon learning about the nature of the operation through hijacked Shadow Company communications, Russia gave the missiles to Hassan Zyani, who was planning on directly attacking the United States in retaliation for their role in the death of General Ghorbrani one month prior.

Conflict with Shadow Company[]

Following the revolt of Japanese workers on Ashika Island, Konni contractors on the island would be targeted and ousted by Shadow Company's forces who had learned about their activities. From the documents on the island, Shadow Company learned about Konni's experiments and the existence of Building 21 and assaulted it, forcing Konni to defend the building and lose control over it.

In July 2023, led by their explosive expert, Konni later returned to Ashika Island and continued to clash with Shadow Company contractors stationed there over control of the island.

Operating as Crown[]

"There's a bunker hidden deep under Al Mazrah. A relic of our past so to say. Their entrances have been buried, and we just need you to gain access to them."
— Konni Group, in "The Truth" DMZ mission intel

In Feburary 2023, Konni, under the identity of a British PMC named Crown, entered Al Mazrah and Ashika Island, recruiting operators and offering lucrative payouts for contracts against Al-Qatala, Las Almas Cartel and Shadow Company.

Before April 2023, Konni also offered the Las Almas Cartel and Al-Qatala compensation in exchange for gaining access to the buried entrances to the Koschei Complex in Rohan Oil, Al Mazrah City, and Taraq Village. Unbeknownst to Al-Qatala, Konni gave an additional request to the Las Almas Cartel to feign that they discovered the bunker on their own. The Las Almas Cartel occupied the Complex with Al-Qatala until Konni forces arrived.

An abandoned ex-Crown operator originally tasked with destroying incriminating evidence in the Koschei Complex eventually became known as the "Shopkeeper", later made contact with Shadow Company. Crown later tasked operators with killing the Shopkeeper with a timed explosive charge, as well as investigating and discovering additional entrances to the complex below Zaya Observatory, along with securing nuclear fuel rods and documents.

Vondel Incident[]

On June 8th, 2023, 72 hours after a possible threat of chemical attack on the city Vondel in the Netherlands was reported, Konni, dubbed the Peacekeepers, were tasked by Milena Romanova, a Russian real-estate magnate residing in the city, to secure the city and prevent the attack from happening. Members of Shadow Company also infiltrated the city and engaged with the Konni force as they were looking for a specific individual for unknown reasons. CIA Station Chief Kate Laswell, working with the Phalanx and Black Mous PMCs, later uncovered evidence revealing the Peacekeepers' true identity, as well as evidence tying Konni and the chemical attack to the Koschei Complex.

Returning to Building 21[]

On July 12th, 2023, Konni forces assaulted Building 21, where they engaged with Shadow Company and forced them to leave the facility. By August 2023, Shadow Company launched another assault against Konni while securing and exfiltrating data stored in the facility.

Invading Al Mazrah[]

Alex: "Russians are in country."
Graves: "Yeah... Konni group- right in your backyard."
Farah: "What do you propose?"
Graves: "... We combine forces... send Konni packing back to Moscow."
— Alex Keller and Farah Karim of the ULF discuss Konni Group with Phillip Graves of Shadow Company.

In August 2023, Konni mobilized their forces into Al Mazrah, there, they eliminated Las Almas Cartel and Al-Qatala forces in Koschei Complex and occupied parts of the Complex, while also defending it against reinforcing Al-Qatala Agents, they also stationed ballistic missile containers across the region surrounding the Zaya Observatory, where they began manufacturing chemical weapons. Fearing that Konni would move to Urzikstan next, Farah Karim and the Urzikstan Liberation Force contacted Phillip Graves and Shadow Company to counter the threat.

Launching Operation Rogue Arsenal, Shadow Company attacked Konni's eight missile containers and commandeered them to destroy Zaya Observatory, exposing Konni's new entrance to the Koschei Complex. Konni attempted to defend their stockpile of manufactured chemical weapons, receiving intermittent transmissions on burner phones from their commander.

Unbeknownst to Shadow Company, Konni members Ivan Alexxeve and Andrei Nolan, disguised as Shadow Company contractors, managed to infiltrate one of their helicopters, killing every Shadow Company contractor on board and repossessing the chemical weapons inside, later informing Commander Makarov of their success.

After successfully stealing the gas, Milena brokered a deal with the Las Almas Cartel, tasking them with distributing the chemical gas from Vondel to other locations across the globe.

Konni later returned to the destroyed Zaya Observatory to secure and extract the gas canisters that Shadow Company didn't take away during the assault on the observatory.

Makarov's Return[]

Operation 627[]

On November 10th, 2023, Konni contractors raided the Zordaya Prison Complex to break Makarov out. Despite suffering some casualties, the operation succeeded as Makarov was freed and returned to lead Konni.

Following his return to the Konni Headquarters, Makarov rallied his soldiers for a speech. In the middle of the speech, he stopped and blamed Ivan for not trusting his plan. Before letting Nolan execute him and subsequently promoting him to the position of Captain. Makarov then resumed his speech and finished by saying: "Every second counts".

Operations in Urzikstan[]

Following the breakout, Konni contractors immediately attack the port of Urzikstan to take the shipment of American missiles. Even though Konni suffered casualties, they managed to accomplish their objective by taking the three containers of American missiles that were at the port.

On the morning of the same day, Konni contractors were spotted around an abandoned nuclear power plant in Northern Urzikstan, prompting Task Force 141's intervention. The Task Force later learned that Konni was trying to transport chemical gasses out of the plant. Despite the Task Force's efforts, Konni managed to take the chemical gasses away.

Framing the Urzikstan Liberation Force[]

On November 11th, 2023, Konni contractors took over an abandoned bunker complex in Urzikstan, where they placed flags and emblems of the Urzikstan Liberation Force around the complex, alongside fitting the three missiles that they stole with the chemical gasses taken from the nuclear power plant, and subsequently initiating the launching of the missiles, to frame the Urzikstan Liberation Force as terrorist. Even though the launching of one of the missiles was stopped by Price, the launching of the other two missiles was a success. Resulting in the Arklov Peak Military Base being contaminated with chemical gasses and the death of 158 Kastovian soldiers alongside members of a Russian delegation, and 200 injured.

At 19:30 of the same day, Makarov alongside Konni contractors hijacked the Russian Flight 761. There, Makarov forced Samara, a former ULF fighter, to wear a suicide bomb vest. Makarov then told his men to leave no traces and then jumped out of the plane. Despite Samara's effort in trying to prevent the bomb from going off, she failed, leading to the plane crashing down somewhere in Urzikstan.

Two hours after the plane had crashed, Konni contractors occupied the crash site to plant evidence to frame the ULF. Ultimately, the evidences were all deleted by Farah Karim. Resulting in the attack as a whole being a failure for Konni.

Capture of Andrei Nolan[]

On November 12th, 2023, Task Force 141 raided the private island of Milena Romanova, forcing Konni contractors on the island to defend it and try to prevent Milena from being captured. Despite their best effort, the Task Force succeeded in their objective. They then interrogated Milena and broke her, exposing Konni's recent outpost in St. Petersburg.

Following Romanova's interrogation, Task Force 141 learned of a Konni outpost in St. Petersburg, prompting them to attack it and see what Konni was doing there, Task Force 141 managed to eliminate all the Konni contractors at the outpost and captured Andrei Nolan. This prompted Konni to send reinforcement to prevent Task Force 141 from bringing Nolan back to their base, but they failed, resulting in Nolan being extracted by Task Force 141 for interrogation.

Ambushed by Task Force 141 in Siberia[]

After interrogating Nolan, Konni's plan to transport a high-value target to a prison in Siberia was revealed to Task Force 141. Prompting them to set up an ambush to secure that high-value target. They successfully did, despite Konni contractors trying their best to prevent that from happening.

Attacked by Task Force 141 and their allies[]

On November 16th, 2023, Konni contractors set up bomb sites around Gora Dam and planned to blow them up, to flood the Verdansk, killing its inhabitants and finishing what Makarov started. However, their plan was once again stopped by Task Force 141, who successfully defused the bombs.

Three hours after their failure at Gora Dam, Konni's Forward Operation Base in Urzikstan was attacked by a joint-task force, consisting of Shadow Company, Task Force 141, and the Urzikstan Liberation Force. Which resulted in Konni losing the chemical gasses that they had stolen before and their commander - Vladimir Makarkov, being presumably killed.

Activities in London[]

On November 21st, 2023, Konni contractors were spotted in London by the MI6, where they were trying to acquire a flash drive from a well-known hacker for something. This prompted Task Force 141's and SFO's intervention, then they learned that Konni was trying to upload something to the train system and did their best to prevent that from happening. Despite being attacked by Task Force 141 and SFO, Konni was able to upload the Trojan Horse virus in the flash drive to the train system of London, allowing them to control the trains.

One hour later, Makarov and Konni contractors were spotted boarding the train going down the Channel Tunnel. Prompting Task Force 141 and SFO to pursue them. There, Task Force 141 and SFO found out that Konni was trying to destroy the Channel Tunnel with a chemical bomb. Konni tried their best to prevent the bomb from being defused, but ultimately, they failed. However, Makarov successfully killed Soap, before having to flee.

Operations in Zaravan[]

Operation Spearhead[]

At some point, Konni's Spetsnaz unit occupied the Orlov Military Base, securing the ICBMs stationed there. Then, Konni initiated the launching sequences of the ICBMs, prompting Task Force 141's intervention.

Occupying Zaravan[]

On December 6th, 2023, Konni occupied the city of Zaravan, Urzikstan and set up military bases alongside strongholds across the city to aid them in maintaining their grip over the city. This prompted Shadow Company to launch Operation Blazing Torch to eliminate Konni contractors in the city as well as their strongholds.

Activities in Fortune's Keep[]

At some point, Konni Group occupied Fortune's Keep, there, they built an underground laboratory alongside setting up an outpost in the bay area of the island, turning it into their base of operation.

However, a seismic event occurred at the location where the underground laboratory was built, destroying the laboratory as well as the surrounding area, this forced Konni to build a bridge as well as deploy their forces to secure their research and chemical weapons. The seismic event also attracted Shadow Company's attention, which launched an operation to destroy Konni's foothold on the island.

Activities on Rebirth Island[]

At some point, Konni Group occupied Rebirth Island, where they developed and modernized the island for their use. Shadow Company later learned about this and subsequently launched Operation Urgent Renewal to push Konni out of the island. This prompted Konni to send in reinforcements to prevent Shadow Company from disrupting their operations on the island.

Known Members[]

Vladimir Makarov
Andrei Nolan
Ivan Alexxeve
Second-in-Command (Formerly)
Milena Romanova
Nestor Gustev
Konni Captain
Izolda "Warden" Garanina
Orla "Banshee" Murphy
Bashiir "Hush" Shirwa
Bomb Maker
Ashika Island Site Commander
Vondel Site Commander
Ari "Dokkaebi"
Sona "Keres" Mirzoyan
Raptor 1
Charlie 1



Konni contractors utilize a variety of modern weapons, gear, vehicles, and other hardware on par with that of Task Force 141's and Shadow Company's arsenals. They are also seen using Russian arsenal and other types of gear.

Assault Rifles[]


  • Kastov 762 - "Dead End" blueprint
  • M13C - "Shadow Siege" blueprint
  • SVA 545 - "Crimson Fate", "Grim Renewal", "Blackout" blueprints
  • Holger 556 - "Slick Dispatch" blueprint
  • DG-56 - "Redacted", "Petal Fall" blueprint

Battle Rifles[]


  • BAS-B - "Hope Breaker" blueprint
  • MTZ-762 - "Fated" blueprint

Submachine Guns[]


  • PDSW 528 - "Oscar-Mike" blueprint-only
  • AMR9 - "Crimson Fate" blueprint
  • Striker 9 - "Electroflare" blueprint-only
  • Vaznev-9K - "Duelist" blueprint

Light Machine Guns[]


Sniper Rifles[]


  • SP-X 80 - "Between The Eyes" blueprint
  • Longbow - "Crimson Fate" blueprint
  • KV Inhibitor - "Nexus" blueprint

Marksman Rifles[]


  • KVD Enforcer - "Tetsubo" blueprint



  • Expedite 12 - "Louder Than Words" blueprint
  • Riveter - "Crimson Fate", "Furtive Night" blueprints







Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II[]

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III[]


  • Before the August 16, 2023 update, Konni Agents were speaking in English with a British or Russian accent in DMZ. Following the update, all the Agents spoke Russian with no noticeable accent. However, Bullfrog still talks English with a British accent.
    • Before the update, some Konni Agents could be heard talking to themselves about their role in a "peacekeeping operation", and some can be heard talking about how Al-Qatala takes over Al Mazrah, and that SpecGru and KorTac comes in to challenge them, alongside with White Lotus, though, the agents mistakenly say: DEVGRU instead of SpecGru.
  • Like Shadow Company Agents, Konni Agents do not have subtitles when speaking despite having voice lines.
  • The Light Helos used by Konni in DMZ still have an Al-Qatala's paint job.