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"It's the coral, we're stuck on the--!"
— Pvt. Koopman just before his gruesome fate.

Private Koopman was a Private who took part in the assault on Peleliu, seen only in the level "Little Resistance". He is a "fresh faced recruit", being a member of the "new breed" as Cpl. Roebuck described it.

On the way to the island, Koopman seems jumpy and nervous. When the LVT he is on gets stuck, Koopman looks to see what is wrong, and while trying to tell everyone what the problem is, he is shot in the head by Japanese fire, taking a large portion of the back of his head off and exposing parts of his skull and brain.


  • Various soldiers named "Koopman" appear throughout the Call of Duty series, but almost always are of different ranks. They all have similar faces, however. Coincidentally, all the games they are featured in are made by Treyarch.
  • He appears to be war shocked which can be told by his behavior, by his face, nervous speech, and also the sweat on his forehead.
  • After Koopman is killed you can see part of his skull, as well as his brain until your boat is blown up.
  • When Koopman gets shot, Roebuck seems to lean in to see his brains in disgust.
  • Koopman dies exactly 20 seconds after the driver of the LVT says "20 seconds!".
  • If you slow motion when Koopman is shot it can be seen that he is shot in the jaw not in the head.
  • His death is the first head related gore moment in the entire series (the only gore in previous games only involved in arm shot, and the previous mission, Semper Fi, none of the weapons can gore the head (unconfirmed if it is possible with grenade), and head goring is not available in multiplayer.
  • Koopman looks quite similar to Sullivan.
  • Pvt. Koopman's body disappears after the explosion of the LVT.
  • Although extremely rare, sometimes a glitch will occur. When Koopman is shot the bullet passes right through his head without killing him. After, he will be seen instead of Pvt. Sprogis, and will follow the team, being incapable of dying. When Sgt. Sullivan is killed, he will be in there with the squad.
  • He may have Dutch ancestry, as "Koopman" is a common Dutch surname.
  • When the LVT explodes, the player will see all the other soldiers that were in their LVT on the beach, making Koopman the only soldier to die on the player's LVT.
  • Koopman did not listen to Sullivan's order: "Keep your head down, You hear me?" However, he may have disobeyed this order to see why the LVT was stuck.
  • Also, his M1 Garand seems to go through the LVT at times during the ride


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