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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Ghosts The subject of this article appears in Extinction mode
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The Kraken is the boss of the Extinction level Mayday. It is comparable to the Breeder in the previous map Nightfall due to large stature and nature of the fight. The Kraken is the second boss monster to appear in Extinction mode. The Kraken is the biggest boss yet by far, stated as being a "massive, 100 foot tall" enemy. It was created by the Ancestors to defend the island containing the Cryptid mother hive while they slept.


As the name suggests, the Kraken has the looks of a giant squid, except much more terrifying. Each of its enormous tentacles is topped with fleshy beaks that will snap at and attempt to bite players that stray too close. It has a huge head, with a gigantic gaping mouth filled with razor sharp teeth. Its skin is white, like all the other cryptids, and its eyes and pores glow with a ghostly orange light, similar to that of other cryptids (excluding the Phantom and Mammoth, which glow purple and blue) and alongside all these features, the Kraken is very large, almost the size of the ship, in fact.

1st encounter[]

The player(s) will first encounter the Kraken as they are making their way up to the cargo area of the ship. The Kraken will tear a massive hole in the side of the ship and stick one of its arms through the opening to combat the player(s). Its weak point is in the gap of its beak, although there is a weak seam along the side of the arm that can also be targeted. In this encounter, the Kraken only performs one of two actions: spewing Cryptids out of its arm's beak, or slamming its arm into the side walls inside the ship, causing Shellshock. Once enough damage is inflicted to the Kraken's arm, it will retract its arm and retreat.

A Minigun is present in this area that has a direct line of sight right on the Kraken's arm, which can be used to inflict large damage to it.

The player(s) will always receive the same challenge in this encounter to defeat the Kraken before the drill is finished with the door.

Final encounter[]

Once the player(s) successfully floods Samantha Cross' chamber with chlorine gas, CIF Team One goes to the front deck to investigate where Cross went, only to be greeted by the Kraken, which will fully reveal itself. Their mission objective then changes from finding Cross to simply killing the Kraken.

In this encounter, Cryptids will spawn behind the player(s) and by the sides of the arena. The Kraken will slam specific parts of the deck, which can deal massive damage and shellshock. The Kraken can also roar, which simply induces shellshock. The Kraken will place various arms on the deck at once, which usually results in it spawning Cryptids out of its arms once it releases its arms from the deck.

The Kraken's most influential attack is its heat attack, where it places several of its arms on the deck and heats it bright red, causing most of the deck to be so hot as to inflict damage on player(s) should they be in contact with the metal, forcing them to retreat to specific spots of the deck, like the middle or the turret remotes. During this attack, the Kraken will glow, causing it to be significantly more vulnerable to damage in this state. Once roughly 1/4 of its health is depleted during this sequence, the Kraken will yelp and disengage from this attack, releasing its arms from the deck, which in turn rapidly cools the deck back to normal. Until sufficient damage is dealt, this attack will continue, and the Kraken will periodically roar and slam one of its arms into the middle of the deck - the most evident resting point on the deck during this attack.

Once the Kraken disengages from its heat attack and yelps, it follows up with an EMP-pulsing roar that will destroy any electronics that aren't behind cover, disabling the Remote Minigunss for a lengthy period in the process. Any players that aren't behind cover take minor damage, get shellshocked, and are restricted from deploying ammo, team support, strike packagaes, and equalizers for a brief period. Once this EMP roar is emitted, the Kraken will submerge and re-emerge a moment later on the opposing side of the deck, where the previous cycle repeats. The Kraken battle endures four cycles, and upon the fourth cycle's completion, the Kraken will die.

In this encounter, the Kraken's weak points are the hole in the middle of its forehead, and its mouth, when its mouth opens.

While the Kraken is present on-screen, it can always be attacked and receive damage. However, unless the Kraken is glowing from using its heat attack, such attacks will deal minimal damage, even when hitting weak points. As such, it is almost always a waste of time to attack the Kraken unless the Kraken is performing its heat attack.



  • The 15th Extinction prestige emblem features the Kraken as the symbol.
  • When the Kraken makes its appearance at the start of the final boss battle, it emerges from the water and roars in a similar fashion to the Kraken from the 2010 remake of Clash Of The Titans.