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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: Black Ops.

Kristina Raskova (Russian: Кристина Раскова) is a CIA double agent and a GRU operative mentioned in Call of Duty: Black Ops in Operation Charybdis. She is Grigori Weaver's niece.


Early life

Kristina Raskova was born in the Soviet Union on November 10, 1955. Her mother, Olga (Weaver's sister), died a few days after the childbirth on November 19, 1955.[1] Her uncle believes she still lives in Moscow.

KGB Participation

Her main use in KGB was to seduce Agency operatives but in 1973, she was fired from KGB after a "crisis of conscience" when she failed sexual blackmail on a key East Berlin Agency asset. She said that she would not defect or betray her country, but agreed to memorize contact information for her handler and would consider further contact at her discretion. She was code-named, "The Wall," and disappeared from KGB records.[1]

GRU Participation

During her disappearance, she transferred to GRU and quickly ascended the ranks, becoming a key aide within the Soviet Defense Council and associated with one Colonel Anton Vanya, a former protégé of Nikita Dragovich. Their relationship turned sexual but abusive and soon turned repugnant to Kristina.[1]

In October 1977, she tried to put an end to their relationship after she discovered she was pregnant with a child. Vanya responded with a severe beating, causing her to miscarry the baby. After this she finally decided to contact her original handler and agreed to become a double agent.[1]

Operation Charybdis

As of April 13, 1978, Kristina participated in Operation Charybdis as a GRU agent. Her mission was to locate, seduce and eliminate Alex Mason. However, Alex Mason was still alive as of 1986, so she failed or the mission never went ahead, although what happened to her is unknown.


  • Her biography in Jackson's account says that she was supposed to be blonde and blue-eyed, contrary to some of her concept art.