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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: Black Ops III. The subject of this article appeared in Zombies mode

Call of Duty: Black Ops III[]

Call of Duty: Black Ops III
Camouflage Image Availability
Default Kuda Model BO3 Default
Arctic Kuda Arctic BO3 Get 100 kills
Jungle Kuda Jungle BO3 Get 200 kills
Huntsman Kuda Huntsman BO3 Get 400 kills
Woodlums Kuda Woodlums BO3 Get 650 kills
Mindfulness File:Kuda Mindfulness BO3.png Dropped by enemies in the campaign
Urban File:Kuda Urban BO3.png Dropped by enemies in the campaign
Jungle Tech Kuda Jungle Tech BO3 Get 5 Headshot medals
Ash Kuda Ash BO3 Get 10 Headshot medals
Flectarn Kuda Flectarn BO3 Get 15 Headshot medals
Heat Stroke Kuda Heat Stroke BO3 Get 20 Headshot medals
Snow Job Kuda Snow Job BO3 Get 30 Headshot medals
Dante Kuda Dante BO3 Get 40 Headshot medals
Integer Kuda Integer BO3 Get 50 Headshot medals
6 Speed Kuda 6 Speed BO3 Get 75 Headshot medals
Policia Kuda Policia BO3 Get 100 Headshot medals
Ardent Kuda Ardent BO3 Get 10 Revenge medals
Burnt Kuda Burnt BO3 Get 50 kills with no attachments equipped
Bliss Kuda Bliss BO3 Get 50 kills with an optic and 5 attachments equipped
Battle Kuda Battle BO3 Get 5 Double Kill medals with both kills coming from the Kuda
Chameleon Kuda Chameleon BO3 Get 5 Bloodthirsty medals with all kills coming from the Kuda
Gold Kuda Gold BO3 Complete all camouflage unlocks for the Kuda
Diamond Kuda Diamond BO3 Earn Gold camouflage for all assault rifles
Dark Matter Kuda Dark Matter BO3 Earn Diamond camouflage for all weapon classes
Contagious Kuda Contagious BO3 Get 80 kills
Fear Kuda Fear BO3 Get 250 kills
WMD Kuda WMD BO3 Get 500 kills
Red Hex Kuda Red Hex BO3 Get 900 kills
Lucid File:Kuda Lucid BO3.png Salvation
Black Market
Contrast Kuda Contrast BO3 File:Kuda Contrast Supply Drop Card BO3.png
Dust Kuda Dust BO3 File:Kuda Dust Supply Drop Card BO3.png
Field Kuda Field BO3 File:Kuda Field Supply Drop Card BO3.png
Inferno Kuda Inferno BO3 File:Kuda Inferno Supply Drop Card BO3.png
Hallucination Kuda Hallucination BO3 File:Kuda Hallucination Supply Drop Card BO3.png
Royal Kuda Royal BO3 File:Kuda Royal Supply Drop Card BO3.png
Stealth Kuda Stealth BO3 File:Kuda Stealth Supply Drop Card BO3.png
Timber File:Kuda Timber BO3.png File:Kuda Timber Supply Drop Card BO3.png
Verde Kuda Verde BO3 File:Kuda Verde Supply Drop Card BO3.png
Energeon Kuda Energeon BO3 File:Kuda Energeon Supply Drop Card BO3.png
Halcyon File:Kuda Halcyon BO3.png File:Kuda Halcyon Supply Drop Card BO3.png
Heat File:Kuda Heat BO3.png File:Kuda Heat Supply Drop Card BO3.png
Infrared File:Kuda Infrared BO3.png File:Kuda Infrared Supply Drop Card BO3.png
Jungle Party File:Kuda Jungle Party BO3.png File:Kuda Jungle Party Supply Drop Card BO3.png
Pixel File:Kuda Pixel BO3.png File:Kuda Pixel Supply Drop Card BO3.png
Spark File:Kuda Spark BO3.png File:Kuda Spark Supply Drop Card BO3.png
Sunshine File:Kuda Sunshine BO3.png File:Kuda Sunshine Supply Drop Card BO3.png
Violet File:Kuda Violet BO3.png File:Kuda Violet Supply Drop Card BO3.png
Firebrand File:Kuda Firebrand BO3.png File:Kuda Firebrand Supply Drop Card BO3.png
Gem File:Kuda Gem BO3.png File:Kuda Gem Supply Drop Card BO3.png
Intensity File:Kuda Intensity BO3.png File:Kuda Intensity Supply Drop Card BO3.png
Light Kuda Light BO3 File:Kuda Light Supply Drop Card BO3.png
Swindler File:Kuda Swindler BO3.png File:Kuda Swindler Supply Drop Card BO3.png
Etching Kuda Etching BO3 File:Kuda Etching Supply Drop Card BO3.png
Haptic File:Kuda Haptic BO3.png File:Kuda Haptic Supply Drop Card BO3.png
Ice File:Kuda Ice BO3.png File:Kuda Ice Supply Drop Card BO3.png
Monochrome File:Kuda Monochrome BO3.png File:Kuda Monochrome Supply Drop Card BO3.png
Prestige File:Kuda Prestige BO3.png File:Kuda Prestige Supply Drop Card BO3.png
Ritual File:Kuda Ritual BO3.png File:Kuda Ritual Supply Drop Card BO3.png
Storm File:Kuda Storm BO3.png File:Kuda Storm Supply Drop Card BO3.png
Transgression File:Kuda Transgression BO3.png File:Kuda Transgression Supply Drop Card BO3.png
Wartorn Kuda Wartorn BO3 File:Kuda Wartorn Supply Drop Card BO3.png
Amethyst File:Kuda Amethyst BO3.png Zombies Chronicles
Arcane Fire File:Kuda Arcane Fire BO3.png Camo Bribe (Grand Slam)
Atomic Fire File:Kuda Atomic Fire BO3.png Camo Bribe (Grand Slam)
Black Ops III Kuda Black Ops III BO3 Black Ops III Personalization Pack
Bloody Valentine File:Kuda Bloody Valentine BO3.png Rare Supply Drop (Limited)
Awarded (Limited)
C.O.D.E Warriors File:Kuda C.O.D.E. Warriors BO3.png C.O.D.E Warriors Personalization Pack (US only)
Cherry Fizz File:Kuda Cherry Fizz BO3.png Rare Supply Drop (Limited)
Cloud9 File:Kuda Cloud9 BO3.png CWL - NA Team Pack
COD XP File:Kuda COD XP BO3.png Call of Duty XP 2016 code activation
Cosmic File:Kuda Cosmic BO3.png Headshot Community Challenge 2
CWL Champions File:Kuda CWL Champions BO3.png CWL Champions Personalization Pack
Cyborg Kuda Cyborg BO3 Cyborg Personalization Pack
Dragon Fire Kuda Dragon Fire BO3 Headshot Community Challenge 1
eLevate File:Kuda eLevate BO3.png CWL - NA Team Pack
Emerald File:Kuda Emerald BO3.png Zombies Chronicles
Empire File:Kuda Empire BO3.png Rare Supply Drop (Limited)
Epsilon eSports File:Kuda Epsilon eSports BO3.png CWL - EU Team Pack
Excellence File:Kuda Excellence BO3.png CWL - ANZ Team Pack
FaZe Clan File:Kuda FaZe Clan BO3.png CWL - NA Team Pack
Garnet File:Kuda Garnet BO3.png Zombies Chronicles
Hive File:Kuda Hive BO3.png Rare Supply Drop (Limited)
Into the Void File:Kuda Into the Void BO3.png Rare Supply Drop (Limited)
Luck of the Irish File:Kuda Luck of the Irish BO3.png Rare Supply Drop (Limited)
Millenium File:Kuda Millenium BO3.png CWL - EU Team Pack
MindFreak File:Kuda MindFreak BO3.png CWL - ANZ Team Pack
Nuk3Town Kuda Nuk3Town BO3 Nuk3Town Personalization Pack
Nv File:Kuda Nv BO3.png CWL - ANZ Team Pack
OpTic Gaming File:Kuda OpTic Gaming BO3.png CWL - NA Team Pack
OrbitGG File:Kuda OrbitGG BO3.png CWL - ANZ Team Pack
Overgrowth File:Kuda Overgrowth BO3.png Awarded (Limited)
Permafrost File:Kuda Permafrost BO3.png Rare Supply Drop (Limited)
Rise Nation File:Kuda Rise Nation BO3.png CWL - NA Team Pack
Sapphire File:Kuda Sapphire BO3.png Zombies Chronicles
Splyce File:Kuda Splyce BO3.png CWL - EU Team Pack
Supremacy File:Kuda Supremacy BO3.png CWL - EU Team Pack
Tainted Minds File:Kuda Tainted Minds BO3.png CWL - ANZ Team Pack
Take Out File:Kuda Take Out BO3.png Take Out Personalization Pack
Team EnVy File:Kuda Team EnVy BO3.png CWL - NA Team Pack
Team Infused File:Kuda Team Infused BO3.png CWL - EU Team Pack
Team LDLC File:Kuda Team LDLC BO3.png CWL - EU Team Pack
Topaz File:Kuda Topaz BO3.png Zombies Chronicles
True Vet File:Kuda True Vet BO3.png Loyalty Personalization Pack
Underworld Kuda Underworld BO3 Tools of the Trade contract
Watermelon File:Kuda Watermelon BO3.png Awarded (Limited)
Weaponized 115 Kuda Weaponized 115 BO3 Weaponized 115 Personalization Pack