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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Ghosts
For a multiplayer pointstreak, see Loki (pointstreak).
For the level and a soundtrack (respectively), see Loki and Loki Combat.

The LOKI Space Station is an orbital kinetic bombardment weapons platform developed by the Federation that appears in Call of Duty: Ghosts.


It was built by the Federation, and was reverse engineered from the wreckage of the ODIN Space Station in No Man's Land. It was primarily designed by Victor H. Ramos, however Gabriel T. Rorke provided classified information from ODIN before his defection to the Federation.

Several improvements were made over the ODIN Space Station to improve its effectiveness and its design. Firstly, the LOKI Space Station uses tungsten rods smaller than those used by ODIN which allows for impacts near allied forces without the fear of danger close. Secondly, LOKI uses at least 23 weapons platforms all operated by a central hub satellite, which allows for a greater range of potential targets that can cover several continents at once. Thirdly, alongside its crew, LOKI is controlled by a satellite array in the Atacama Desert in Chile to direct targets on Earth with proper coordination.


View of the LOKI Space Station

On July 5th, 2027, while the LOKI Space Station was beginning to target its weapons platforms at the United States, Canada and its allied European, Middle Eastern and Asian nations, a US space shuttle arrived to reinforce after US forces successfully destroyed the satellite array in Chile. The shuttle deploys Icarus Team at the central hub satellite and engage Federation astronauts in space. As they are about to enter the LOKI Space Station, oil lines are ruptered by stray bullets and explodes that flings the American crew through space and towards the command module. After engaging several Federation squads, they plant breaching charges on the hatch, decompressing the module. Sgt. Thompson kills the Federation astronauts inside and takes manual control of LOKI. With 2nd Lt. Collins' order, Thompson begins to fire several payloads of tungsten rods towards Chile. An overhead drone manually targets several tank batallions at the satellite array, decimating Federation forces. As they are about to target the Federation fleet, Merrick orders them to target a nearby supply train. Collins protests as Ghost Six-Four and Ghost Six-Five are onboard the train, but nevertheless orders Thompson to fire upon the train. The rods destroy the train as it crashes from a bridge and sinks into a bay on the coast. Afterwards, LOKI fires its remaining payloads at the Federation fleet at the coastline, turning the tide of battle and claiming the victory for the United States.


  • ODIN and LOKI are both named after the Norse Gods, Odin and Loki, respectively.