LZ-52 Limbo Artwork AW
LZ-52 Limbo
Magazine Size 8 rounds (9 at Mk. 10 upgrade)
Cost (Exo Zombies) 1000 Credits (3D Printer)
Maximum Ammunition 8+16 (9+19 at Mk. 10 upgrade)
Fire Mode Semi-automatic
Used by Atlas Corporation
Sentinel Task Force

The LZ-52 Limbo is a directed energy weapon available in the Exo Zombies map Carrier as part of the Supremacy downloadable map pack.

The gun fires a small ball from the barrel of the gun, where it proceeds to create a long laser beam across the room and slices the zombie's corpse. It is a one hit kill until round 12 when not upgraded. After that it makes crawlers.

The weapon features an eight round rotating cylinder in the gun's body, functioning somewhat like a revolver, and has full mobility.