(Has a stock even though it's a heavy. Should we keep or or take it off?)
(It doesn't technically gain extended mags. This attachment works as a x1.5 multiplier to the mag capacity & reserve ammo in MW3/Ghosts/AW, which is not the case here)
Line 13: Line 13:
*[[Target Enhancer]] (obtained at Mk 4)
*[[Stock]] ''(attached by default)''
*[[Target Enhancer]] ''(obtained at Mk 4 upgrade)''
*[[quickdraw grip]] (obtained at Mk 7)
*[[Quickdraw Grip]] ''(obtained at Mk 7 upgrade)''
*[[extended mags]] (obtained at Mk 10)
*[[stock]] (by default despite it being a heavy weapon)

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The LZ-52 Limbo is a directed energy weapon available in the Exo Zombies map Carrier as part of the Supremacy downloadable map pack.

The gun fires a small ball from the barrel of the gun, where it proceeds to create a long laser beam across the room and slices the zombie's corpse. It is a one hit kill until round 12 when not upgraded. After that it makes crawlers.

The weapon features an eight round rotating cylinder in the gun's body, functioning somewhat like a revolver.



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