""That ends upon our arrival, Sergeant. It ends when we get up there.""
Jean-Guy Robiechauld

The "Laison River" is the ninth Call of Duty 3 campaign level. It involves clearing the bush near the Laison River and the farmhouses in it. The player fights as the Canadians, and it is the first level where Lt. Robiechaud berates Pte. Baron for lack of combat participation.

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The level starts with the squad in the middle of the Laison River, beneath a destroyed bridge. Cole and his squad first push up toward the river banks, clearing a destroyed house and barn of Germans. They later surround a house and assault it from three directions and take the house. Lt. Robiechauld and Sgt. Callard will go with Cole except if he decides to go up the top path (which is a good option if the player keeps the Lee-Enfield scoped).

They then get into the trenches and destroyed three AA guns and allowed their tanks to advance up towards the next bridge. The squad then takes a German trench overlooking a motor pool. Robiechauld then tasks Cole with 'blasting the biscuits out of the German reinforcements'. They then advance through the motor pool (killing Germans all the way) and assault a heavily armed house with an 88 out the back. Once the house is cleared, and the 88 destroyed, a Sherman comes and destroys a German tank, and the squad re-groups.

Weapon LoadoutEdit

Starting Loadout


  • Willy's Jeep
  • Sherman Firefly


  • Explosives

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  • If the player dies while clearing the motor pool with the squad, the point of restart will be when Callard gives the player a boost. Oddly, the motor pool seems to be perfectly fine. Every car is still fine.
  • If the player uses the Lee-Enfield scoped in the trenches with The Flak 88's and perform friendly fire on the fellow Canadians coming down the hill, the player will be forced to repeat the last checkpoint after 3 or 4 friendly kills.
  • Crates of Kraut gold can be found in the cleared out house.
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