The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Ghosts The subject of this article appears in Extinction mode
For the similarly named tool in campaign mode, see Drill.

The Laser Drill is a device in Extinction Mode for Call of Duty: Ghosts that must be used to destroy the hives. While drilling, the player(s) must protect it until it finishes. Only Scouts and Hunters will directly attack the drill. It has 100 health to start with (125 if planted by an Engineer. It can be repaired when it reaches lower than or equal to 74 health (a player with an upgraded Engineer class and/or using Team Booster does this job better). If the drill gets destroyed, the game will end. In Mayday, the Laser Drill can also be used to open doors. In Awakening, the Laser Drill is actually a modified Optical Scanner on the drill chassis, and is used to scan Obelisks, instead of to destroy hives.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The player is still able to move while repairing the Drill.
  • The drill's health automatically replenishes back to 100 after a Hive is destroyed.
  • Protecting the drill gives a better score and more money when a hive is destroyed. This can be seen when the after hive scoreboard pops up; a section is labeled "drill protection".

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