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"Last Heli Out" is the twelfth level of Call of Duty: Black Ops (Nintendo DS), where the player must fight to the extraction zone before they get left behind.


  • Pelican-One


Shaw's squad is under fire from a machine gun emplacement. After the gunner is killed, Shaw has to man the emplacement and provide cover fire for the rest of his squad. Multiple VC arrive from the left and right of the area and Shaw has to kill them before air support arrives. Air support does arrive, only to destroy the building Shaw is in.

The next objective is to call an airstrike on an enemy hideout. To the right is a Remington 870 that Shaw can use. The path splits into an upper and lower trail, with an enemy on each. Afterwards, the squad has to move through an open swamp with several rocks for cover as well as a tunnel. The targeted hideout is highlighted and Shaw has to identify it with binoculars.

Now the squad has only a few minutes to reach the extraction point with Pelican-One. Several VC will pop out of buildings to ambush the squad. One of the buildings contain a shotgun as well. Pelican-One is beyond the second hut the squad has to move through. Once the squad reaches Pelican-One the mission will end.

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