For the private in Call of Duty 2: Big Red One, see McLaughlin.

Laughlin is a character in Call of Duty: World at War who is seen in the mission "Black Cats." He is the other gunner on the plane. He looks to be in his 20s and wears a standard Naval Avionics Uniform with flight gear (Denim uniform, Boots, parachute harness, cap, Headset, Gloves, and life vest). He helps Locke operate the Bow Turret and both left and right waist guns.

Quotes Edit

  • "What the fuck are merchant ships doing with that much fire power!"
  • "Halle-fucking-lujah..."

Trivia Edit

  • If he is on the left turret, he rescues the survivors if Locke doesn't.
  • He isn't as credited compared to Locke even though he patched up the plane, rescued survivors and shot alongside Locke.
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