The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

Lieutenant Laura Gibson, a.k.a. "Boss", was a flight deck officer stationed on board the Retribution.

Gibson first appeared after Captain Alder had rammed the Retribution into the Olympus Mons causing severe structural damage throughout the ship. Lt. Reyes and Salter, having recently landed, were trapped, sending her scrambling to untether lines that were preventing them from leaving their craft. Having finally fixed the issue, she pried opened Reyes's cockpit with a crowbar, as it suffered extensive damaged that left it unable to open on its own.

During the battle above Mars, when nearly all Jackal squadrons were shot down, Commander Nick Reyes was forced to request her assistance and she flew a Jackal against SDF forces, however, having not flown in almost a decade, was almost immediatly shot down during her flight.

Before her death, she sent out a farewell message to her ex-husband Andrew, reminiscing their time together.

It appears that both Reyes and Lieutenant Salter had a close relationship with her.


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