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Law Enforcement units and agencies are a part of the system, aimed to protect and uphold the law, provide federal and public security and even function as intelligence services.

Call of Duty 3


German soldiers encountered in the mission Hostage! are members of this military police unit.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Zakhaev Airport Security

They were the first responders to the attack on Zakhaev Airport. They desperately tried to stop the massacre, but were quickly gunned down. Failing in putting a stop to the massacre, they called in the FSB.


Called in to stop Makarov's terrorist unit. Their attempt failed, despite being well-armed.

Virginia State Police

While not seen directly, their wrecked police cars litter the streets of Virginia.

Call of Duty: Black Ops

Havana Police (Cuban National Revolutionary Police Force)

The Cuban Police are called in after several Tropas members were killed by an undercover Op 40 unit and quickly arrived on scene, but are killed by Mason's Op40 unit and Carlos' Cuban rebels. They're seen in the mission "Operation 40".

US Military Police

They escort Alex Mason, Jason Hudson, Robert McNamara, and an Unknown General to the Pentagon for Mason's meeting with John F. Kennedy. According to the unit patch on their left arm, they are from the 1st Cavalry Division. They also appear as zombies in the maps Five and Moon.

United States Secret Service

Secret Service agents appear in the mission U.S.D.D., where they're seen in the Pentagon, guarding the elevator and also the room with John F. Kennedy in the nerve center.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

New York Police Department (NYPD)

New York Police Department cruisers are also present throughout New York City in the mission Black Tuesday.

Metropolitan Police Service

The territorial police force responsible for Greater London. Seen at the end of "Mind The Gap".

Zakhaev Airport Security

The first responders to Vladimir Makarov's terrorist attacks. They appear in "Blood Brothers", in the flashback to the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 mission "No Russian".

New Jersey Police Department

The NJPD are seen in the map Interchange.

Oasis Hotel Security Service

They're are the civilian security service of Oasis Hotel and a corrupted security in the campaign mission "Dust to Dust"

Call of Duty: Black Ops II

Los Angeles Police Department

The LAPD are seen escorting Harper, David Mason, Jones, Samuels, Johnson, and the U.S. President in the beginning of "Cordis Die". They are also the only police force to have African-American members.

Federal Bureau of Investigation

The FBI also assist in protecting the President in "Cordis Die", and are a playable faction in multiplayer.

Alcatraz Guards

The Alcatraz Guards are a playable faction in the Grief mode of Mob of the Dead, facing off against the Alcatraz Prisoners at the prison. They also appear as zombies.

Colossus Security Crew

The Colossus Security Crew is the Private security of Colossus Incs.

United States Secret Service

Secret Service agents are first seen clearing The Vault in the opening cutscene in the beginning of the game, and in the mission "Cordis Die", protecting the President.

Call of Duty: Ghosts

Austin Police Department

An APD cruiser is seen in the map Tremor.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

San Francisco Police Department

San Francisco Police Department officers are seen in the Story Reveal trailer. They help the player fight off Atlas forces in the mission Collapse.

Atlas Military Police

The Atlas Military Police are seen patrolling various areas around the Atlas HQ. Two officers are seen subduing Mitchell, llona and Gideon after they discover Irons' secret, and several appear in the Atlas Prison Camp.

Call of Duty: Black Ops III

Indonesian National Police

Several Indonesian police vehicles are destroyed by the terrorists, however, the Indonesian policemen are unseen in Call of Duty: Black Ops III.

Swiss Police

The DLC map Skyjacked is set on Switzerland's police warship.

Singapore Police

In the mission Vengeance, multiple Singapore policemen are seen.

Morg City Police Department (MCPD)

The MCPD has three notable members: Jack Vincent, Jack Vincent's partner, and the Civil Protector. On the Zombies map Shadows of Evil, Jack Vincent is playable, while Jack Vincent's "partner" is sacrificed at the Ruby Rabbit ritual. The Civil Protector appears all throughout Morg City, able to be summoned anytime at any call box around the city.

US Military Police

Their zombified versions appear in the remastered version of Moon from Zombies Chronicles DLC.

Call of Duty: WWII


Gestapo was the secret police of Nazi Germany, the police leader Heinrich and Gestapo soldiers appear in the mission Liberation.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

South African Police

South African riot police enforcers (presumably of Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department) appear in Ajax's backstory cutscene, in which they are standing off against anarchist rioters Ajax used to be a part of, with two of them getting lured into an alleyway, where they are violently beaten and shot to death, which leads to the violent dispute between Ajax and his ex-fellows.

US Military Police

They appear as zombies in the maps Classified and Alpha Omega.

Alcatraz Guards

Zombified Alcatraz Guards appear once again in the Zombies map Blood of the Dead. Brutus is also one of the available Blackout characters.

Los Angeles Police Department

The multiplayer map Lockup is focused on protecting or assaulting the LAPD police station. In addition, cop-themed skins released during Operation Grand Heist for Black Ops Specialists are based on LAPD police forces, including California Highway Patrol, a special state police unit.

Spanish Police

Spanish counter-terrorism police appear in a scrapped specialist mission called Breakers, in which they're equipped with MX9's and feature a blue uniform with protective helmets. They act similar to most other NPC's from previous games and can be heard talking to each other during the gameplay footage. It's unknown what specific divisions they're from (military, riot control, etc) however it can be assumed that they're Spanish due to the map Seaside being set within Spain.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019)

Metropolitan Police Service

The MPS assists Kyle Garrick and John Price in the mission "Piccadilly", one of them is a police constable named Monroe. Among them are members of the Counter Terrorist Specialist Firearms Officer unit Crowley, Brooks, Raven and Fowler. CTSFO is also one of the available appearances for the Coalition Mil-Sim.

Russian Police

The Saint Petersburg Police arrives to fight Al-Qatala terrorists near the end of the mission "Old Comrades". Police officers (erroneously labeled as Russian Soldiers in the subtitles), tipped by Nikolai, appear at the end to secure Butcher and his family, along with the chemical barrels. A couple of Road Patrol Service officers appears in the mission's end cutscene. Russian police cars are also reused for the map St. Petrograd as Kastovian police cars, which can be seen on Canal Street, also sporting some differences in liveries from real life Russian police cars.


Kamarov is a high-ranking member of FSB. Numerous skins for the Allegiance Mil-Sim are FSB (misspelled as SFB) troopers.

Kastovian Police

A police station in the Kastovian city of Verdansk can be seen in several multiplayer maps and also in several Spec Ops Operations. As said above, Kastovian police cars also appear on the map St. Petrograd, reusing Russian police car models.

Balkan Police

One of the available appearances for the Allegiance Mil-Sim is the Balkan ATU, a special anti-terrorist police unit based upon the real-life CAJ (Specijalna Antiteroristička Jedinica)*.

*Note: in reality, the CAJ originates from Serbia. It's unknown why it is renamed to the "ATU" and has a flag of the fictional Balkan country, presumably due to actual representation of CAJ requiring a license.

Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War

Miami Police Department

In the map Miami, there are police cars and vans marked with “Miami Patrol”, on the vans, it says “South Beach Division.”

Soviet Police

In Moscow, there is a police station and to the left of the police station is a street full of police cars with the same number on the sides, “1-02.” When you play as the CIA-JSOC Omega Task Force on Moscow, you enter the area with a police van with a broken headlight.

National Police Services (Amsterdam Police)

During the mission “Nowhere Left To Run”, at the beginning, Adler and Bell meet with Hans, an Amsterdam Police Chief who tells you that his policemen can be out of the area near Qasim Javadi’s apartment, but he warns the two that he is well protected. After leaving the bar, he is never seen again.

East German Stasi and Volkspolizei

The Stasi and its civilian counterpart Volkspolizei were the main state security agency and official national police service of the East Germany (the German Democratic Republic), respectively. They are seen the mission Brick in the Wall working and fighting alongside the Stasi as enemies in the streets of East Berlin. Their cars litter the streets, some parked, some not. Warsaw Pact operator Ingo Beck is a member of Diensteinheit IX, a special and covert counter-terrorism unit of Volkspolizei.