Leadfoot is a vehicle perk in Call of Duty: World at War that increases a tank's top speed by 35%.

In Game Edit

This perk increases a tank's top speed, helping it out of dangerous situations or to catch up to the war zone. Some PC servers have modded this perk to make tanks go much faster than normal. The increased speed means the player can easily outmaneuver opposing tanks (most likely the Panzer IV, as it is a smaller target than the T-34). A common tactic with this perk is to shoot an enemy tank, then immediately back-pedal to create hit-and-run tactics (usually on Roundhouse). Hit-and-run tactics become considerably more effective with this perk. It also becomes easier to run infantry over in tanks, as most players may not be expecting the extra burst of speed that Leadfoot gives. It does not, however, aid directly in shootouts with tanks. The player will likely lose to tanks that have the Ordnance Training or even Coaxial Machine Gun perks.

Combined with being at range and/or in a match with enough lag, tank shells and rockets may miss more often than when fired at a tank without this perk. The tank speed is approximately as fast as a sprinting enemy, so the player should not have any trouble avoiding satchel charges as long as they avoid getting pinned down in corners.

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