For a similar gametype, see Ranked Play.
For the similar mode in Black Ops III, see Arena (Black Ops III).

League Play is a new numerical system that is used for the first time alongside XP in Call of Duty: Black Ops II. A player's league is determined by how many games they win or lose. If they lose often, then they'll risk being demoted to the league below. If they win often, then they will be promoted to the next League.


Currently, there are two different Series to compete in. These are the Champions Series and the Moshpit Series.

Champions SeriesEdit

Capture the Flag, Hardpoint, and Search & Destroy with competitive rules and maps.

Moshpit SeriesEdit

Standard rules.

  • Solo rank.
  • Split-screen is not permitted.
  • 6v6.


When playing in League Play, the player is placed in a Division. Depending on the player's performance, they can be promoted or demoted to different divisions.

List of Divisions [1]Edit

  • Master 
  • Platinum 
  • Gold 
  • Silver 
  • Bronze
  • Iron

Maps and ModesEdit

League Play allows the player to only play maps that are seen


  • When using Create-A-Class in League Play, all items unlocked with Allocation Points are available by default.
  • Camouflages cannot be unlocked in League Play and kills with a specific weapon will only count towards the player's Combat Record if the gun is unlocked for Public Match.
  • League Play does count towards Kill/Death Ratio and Score Per Minute.
  • XP can be gained during League Play, with 10,000 XP per game won and 7500 XP for every game lost.
  • If the player leaves the session early, that player will be placed in "probation" which temporary disables the player from joining a League Play session.


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