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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: Finest Hour.
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For other characters with similar names, see Leonid Pudovkin and Belov (Black Ops).

Major General Leonid Belov (Russian: Леонид Белов) was a soldier in the Red Army who served during World War II, appearing in the game Call of Duty: Finest Hour.


Belov was born in Moscow, Russia sometime in the 1880s and joined the Red Army in the 1920s. He distinguished himself during the Battle of Moscow, getting himself promoted to general. A year later, he was stationed in the city of Stalingrad which was under siege by the German invaders. He commanded the group of soldiers that crossed the Volga on September 20, and set up a command post down the river near Red Square and the industrial district. He was overlooking the rockets which were the only things holding off the Germans from taking his command center. He ordered Lt. Badanov to deliver a radio to the observation post at the train station who's radio was destroyed. Because of these actions, the radio was delivered and a German armored counter-attack was foiled. It is unknown what his fate is after the battle.

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