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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty 2.

"There is no better training, comrade, than fighting to survive!"
— Commissar Letlev

Commissar Letlev is a Soviet commissar in the Red Army during World War II, seen in Call of Duty 2.


Letlev is first seen in the level "Red Army Training" giving orders. Letlev introduces the recruits to their weapons and supervises target practice, followed by grenade practice, in which potatoes act as substitutes for grenades due to supply problems.

The player must then follow him to a nearby building to interrogate a captured German soldier. The prisoner talks about an approaching enemy attack. Letlev sends the player, along with the other trainees, to fight off the enemy attack, executing the prisoner shortly after the player's departure.

He reappears at the end of the level once the soldiers have accomplished their objectives.


  • If the player refuses to get to a weapon within a certain amount of time or when firing weapon, proceeds to shoot other targets instead of teddy bears multiple times, Letlev warns three times until he declares the player a traitor and shoots him.


  • "Because real grenades are valuable, in fact they are worth a lot more than you are!"
  • "Welcome to basic training, comrades! If you wish to survive, you will have to do exactly as I say. Now, go over to that table and pick up those weapons."
  • "Listen comrades, there is an armory to the east in the basement of a house. Go there and load up some ammunition and supplies. I will stay and take care of our guest. Remember what you have learned. Good luck!"
  • "There is no better training comrade, than fighting to survive."