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"What happens when I let out of jar? Will it go boom?"
— Nikolai while priming the Arnie.

The Lil' Arnie (also known as the Renegade in Keeper language) is a tactical Wonder Weapon that appears in the Zombies maps Shadows of Evil and Revelations in Call of Duty: Black Ops III. It resembles a glass jar with a small squid-like creature inside. When thrown, the squid-like creature will grow substantially and will attract any nearby enemy, killing individual enemies instantly — except Panzersoldats and Margwas, which it will lock in place for its duration — and repeatedly damaging groups of zombies for a large flow of points. When it expires, it explodes, killing any enemies (except Panzersoldats and Margwas) in close proximity.

Upgrading Lil' Arnie[edit | edit source]

Shadows of Evil[edit | edit source]

To upgrade Lil' Arnie, all the rituals have to be completed. Next, the player carrying Lil' Arnie needs to kill 100 zombies with it. Then, the player needs to go to three of the ritual buildings (Nero's Lair, the Boxing Gym, and the Ruby Rabbit) and throw Lil' Arnie at three specific items (a top hat in Nero's Lair, a bow tie in the Boxing Gym, and a cane in the Ruby Rabbit) to make them disappear. When that is done, the player must go to the Black Lace Burlesque and throw Lil' Arnie at the ritual stand on the stage. When this is done, the small squid-like creature will appear on the table dancing to an instrumental version of Snakeskin Boots whilst wearing the three items with four Gateworms appearing above it, acting as its backup dancers. Once the song finishes, they all disappear in a purple cloud, and Lil' Arnie becomes upgraded.

Its upgraded self behaves the same as the original one, but it kills enemies faster and has purple liquid surrounding it instead of the original green.[2] Its duration is also increased and takes more hits from the Margwas before being dispatched.

Revelations[edit | edit source]

To upgrade the weapon, 150 kills with Lil' Arnies must be collectively completed among all players in the lobby. An Arnie must then be thrown into the church's bell tower window. Once one of the Lil' arnie is thrown, Samantha's giggling will be heard and all of the players with the tactical will receive a refill of Lil' Arnies, now upgraded.

Crate Power[edit | edit source]

On both maps, the Crate Power GobbleGum from DLC Pack 3 can be used to bypass the upgrade process for Lil' Arnies, similar to the Monkey Bombs on Gorod Krovi.

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