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"Head to Zurich headquarters of Coalescence in order to prevent the further spread of the DNI infection..."
— Mission Briefing

"Life" is the eleventh and final level in Call of Duty: Black Ops III. The mission sees The Player with Rachel Kane and Zurich Security Forces attempt to stop Jacob Hendricks from confronting the sole survivor of the Singapore Coalescence disaster - Sebastian Krueger and spreading the Direct Neural Interface virus with Corvus.



Level Briefing

Encryption #70-20-6e-6f-77-21. Protocol: Lima

Encryption Error! Life. Encryption Error!

$gffgm nkoyo slx.vpoy#%pfl Zurich&#fdfd$

Active Mission - Day Unknown

Pre-Mission Scrolling Texts

Scrolling Text
7-15-1. Finish the mission. Primary Targets remain active. Stop. Stop it. End it. Hang in there. Hold on. You're alright. I need a medic over here! Stop! What are you doing? We'd heard the rumors. We'd be changing the World, they said. After hitting DZ. Team experienced contained direct action with local combine 54 Immortals - Delta-Romeo-Alpha-Gold-Oscar-Victor-India-Charlie-Hotel-Kilo-Romeo-Alpha-Victor-Charlie-Hotel-Echo-November-Kilo-Oscar-Sierra-Tango-Echo-India-November-Echo-Romeo-Tango-Hotel-Echo-Sierra-Echo-Mike-Echo-November-Mike-Uniform-Sierra-Tango-Delta-India-Echo. Team was forced to initiate Secondary Protocol Echo Two. Full records of the project were expunged, this was Vengeance. Reboot in Progress. Authorization Required. 2-19-7-25. Corvus. Hendricks. Kane. Zurich. Diaz. Hall. Maretti. Cairo. Stone. Ramirez. Conrad. Fierro. Singapore. Taylor. Taylor. Taylor. Ethiopia. Get your hands off me! Get off me! You need to do more, you can't give up now!#$gffgmll32b.=s2981,ffff,"' -performing a variety of physical coercion methods approved with accordance of Standard assistance of the NRC. Tango Stone was extracted to a War is all I know. Lima-Echo-Tango-Mike-Echo-Golf-Oscar-Yankee-Oscar-Uniform-Mike-Uniform-Sierra-Tango-Lima-Echo-Tango-Mike-Echo-Golf-Oscar. Come on, wake up. You can do it, open your eyes. Don't you think it's time you woke up? I am committed to this. Taylor Out. Secondary was WASF, led by CO Hendricks leading a new unit. We've fitted the newest subject with their DNI and prepping them for surgery - as a way of initiating him into the program is code for covert Ops if I've ever heard it. 6-13-6. What happened? Day. Day. Day. What Day? Hang on! Get to the APC. Get outta there! Hang tight, you're not dying today. Encryption Unknown. Cannot verify. Overriding Protocol systems Failure. Please enter proper authorization clearance. This isn't right; this wasn't how it was supposed to be. An error? What do you mean there’s an error? Can't you see they're still alive?? Can't you see they're still breathing! I don't care what the encryption is! Do it! Do it now! India-Sierra-Echo-Echo-India-Tango-November-Oscar-Whiskey. India-Sierra-Echo-Echo-Tango-Hotel-Echo-Foxtrot-Romeo-Oscar-Zulu-Echo-November-Foxtrot-Oscar-Romeo-Echo-Sierra-Tango. We was unaware of Tangos IDs until confirmed by LNO Kane the team was investigating a disturbance at Coalescence Corporation Singapore. Tango Javier Ramirez was located in the process of uploading addition information The long-term impact of what this means for Singapore and the Quarantine Zone is not assessable at this time. It is unclear whether Stone's team was directly involved in the attack - t*43iiIlll222&ftftft.p//+=vBnkoyoslx.vpoy2411rolyat seemed convinced the world had a right to know what had happened. Kane may be influencing my decision capabilities on this mission. 7-15-14-0. Hey! It's gonna be okay. Hold on. Just hold on...[sjgffd831]\\#%pfl ^&#**fdfd$ we picked up chatter that final Target had been taken to location Lotus Towers, a mega-structure being used as Primary FOB for the NRC Operations in Cairo. While WASF was able to secure the Minister and Khalil safely for extraction, Hendricks' team was not so fortunate. Hey are still with us? I need you to focus on me. Come back to me. You can't do this! Don't shut it down don't you dare shut it down! End of the day, it was the right call. We all know what we signed up for - this is part of playing the game. There's Life in you yet. Don't you think it's time you woke up?

Throughout the pre-mission report, one can find strings made out of protocols from the NATO phonetic alphabet.


("Let me go! You must let me go!")


("I see it now. I see the Frozen Forest.")


("Dragovich. Kravchenko. Steiner. These men must die.")

There is also an "Ascension" cipher in the report that appears in Call of Duty: Black Ops's intro:


The Ascension cipher is a One-Time-Pad used with text from the book "Profiles in Courage" by John F. Kennedy.

Once decoded with the key "SENATORSANDSOI", the message "(P)Location Texas" is revealed.


As Hendricks causes mayhem in Zürich through his control of the local robots, The Player and Kane power through several waves of his machines, before reaching the entrance of the Coalescence Corporation, which is now a warzone between hundreds of robots and the struggling ZSF forces supporting them.

After gaining access to the facility, the two enter a decontamination chamber before reaching a lab containing a toxic compound revealed to be Nova 6. Kane orders the Player to find out the state of the containment room, with matters worsening upon the realization that the facility is already almost critical. Upon hearing this, Kane sacrifices herself in order to stop the leaking compounds but is ultimately killed by Corvus, who intentionally falsified the readings on the toxicity levels.

In a room over, Hendricks is discovered interrogating Sebastian Kruger about the Frozen Forest. Driven mad by the same obsession of Taylor's team, Hendricks kills Krueger in a fit of rage, leading the Player to execute him in turn.

After realizing that they are the only host left for Corvus, the Player commits suicide, but is instead sent into the Frozen Forest. A highly disillusioned Hendricks attempts to persuade the Player to stay (accompanied by a human-like personification of Corvus), only to be rejected. In return, Corvus summons hordes of projected enemies to attack the Player, recreating previous events and battlefields to taunt them.

Kreuger is eventually encountered, being interrogated by Corvus itself. The system kills Kreuger after learning of its true nature, sending the Player into further chaos. Shortly after, the Player is reunited with Taylor, the only other person who resisted Corvus' influence. The two fight through multiple scenarios constructed from the Player's memory, ending in a jump back to reality where the Player finally initiates a manual purge on their DNI, completely eradicating Corvus.

As the Player stumbles out of the building, ZSF forces arrive and ask them to identify themselves, only to the response of "Taylor".


For a list of the collectibles, see Collectibles#Life.


  • Untouched: Complete this mission without dying.
  • Score: Complete this mission with a score of 30,000 or higher.
  • Got 'em: Find all of the collectibles in the mission.
  • Got 'Em All: Destroy all depth charges before they self-detonate.
  • Hand Cannon: Take down a P.A.W.W.S. using only a pistol.
  • I now know why you cry: Kill ten robots using mounted turrets.
  • Robo-Slappers: Kill five robots in under ten seconds using only melee attacks.
  • Explosive entertainment: Kill a group of three or more enemies in one shot with an explosive weapon.
  • Not a Fan of RAPs: Kill all of the R.A.P.S. in the mission before they do damage to any friendlies.
  • Two For One: Kill two enemies with one bullet.
  • Quickslap: Melee kill five non-robotic enemies in under ten seconds.
  • Explosive Containment: Destroy 35 explosive containers.
  • Perfect Timing: Kill 20 non-robotic enemies with grenades.
  • Dodge This: Kill a P.A.W.W.S. without it damaging you.
  • Bots Go Boom: Kill 20 robots with a grenade launcher.
  • Clip Their Wings: Kill three non-robotic enemies in under five seconds.

Weapon Loadout

Field Ops Kit
Found in Level




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