Light Assault is a multiplayer character class in Call of Duty 3.

This class starts with a Submachine Gun and spawns with sticky grenades, which stick to anything that they are thrown at. This class can move quickly and can also plant mines.

Allies Edit

The Thompson inflicts approximately the same amount of damage per shot as a pistol, but its high rate of fire and better ironsights make it a lethal weapon. Recoil is controllable because the gun only moves up between shots. At medium ranges, three to four-shot bursts may be required to maintain accuracy.

Axis Edit

The MP40 again inflicts similar damage to a pistol. It has extreme recoil, but the rate of fire is low enough that the weapon always returns to approximately the same direction between shots, so range is somewhat greater than the Thompson. The low rate of fire, when coupled with minimal damage per shot, make this weapon difficult to use; however, with experience, players can do quite well with the MP40. High mobility is also an advantage.

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