"Light it up!" is the tenth level of Call of Duty: Black Ops (Nintendo DS), where the player commands an American helicopter that is on a mission the destroy NVA and Vietcong forces in Vietnam.



At the start of the mission, the player will fly by 6 SOG operatives spread out and engaged with the NVA. They do not need to be helped since they easily defeat the enemies. After that, the helicopter reaches the river and encounters an enemy boat that is later destroyed by a stray missile. The helicopter is then informed of a fleeing convoy, which is protected by two boats armed with RPGs. Try to dodge the RPGs and destroy the bridge as the convoy is passing through. The helicopter encounters one more armed boat as well as a SAM site. Then, two boats are spotted fleeing towards a forward base, which the player needs to destroy as best as possible. Two more armed boats as well as several guard towers appear to destroy the player. Finally, the helicopter finds the weapons cache and arms the Napalm system. Once the system is armed, immediately fire before a NVA guard can shoot you down.
Helicopter Gameplay BODS

The helicopter fights VC boats.

Once the cache is destroyed, the next objective is to link up with the ground team. Destroy the few remaining guard towers and the last convoy before reaching the ground team's boat.

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