The Locker and Key are gameplay elements in Extinction mode. Locker Keys can be found around the maps NightfallMayday and Awakening and Exodus in Search Piles. These keys will allow access to one locker, which contain a completely customized or just a normal weapon found elsewhere in that map. The locker and key allow for cheap access to weapons that would usually cost up to 3000 points, and also can greatly benefit players who have upgraded their pistols to allow carrying two primary weapons.



  • Right when a match starts in Nightfall, the players can destroy the Hive on top of the building, allowing access to two lockers.
  • After the first Breeder, the players can move the laser drill straight across to a Hive that hides four more lockers.
  • The Facility itself contains more than a dozen lockers that the players will eventually have no use for.



  • Two lockers can be found opposite a 'side door' in the first area
  • They as appear just outside the Cargo bay next the the Hypno Trap and Tesla Trap Schematics
  • One can find them inside the side door areas (from the cargo bay and onwards)





  • There are 3 Lockers in the Starting area
  • There are 4 in the parking garage


  • Keys can be found anywhere around the map in search piles. They have a rare chance of spawning.
  • An upgrade that gives players a Key at the start of every game on maps with lockers can be bought in the  Armory, at the cost of 40 teeth.